10 Outstanding L Shaped Computer Desks for Your Home Office

10 Outstanding L Shaped Computer Desks for Your Home Office

L-shaped computer desk

Do you want to transform your office into a work-friendly kind of environment? Generally, an L shaped computer desk can help ramp up productivity and maximize floor area.

Shopping for the ideal office furniture for you might be challenging. Fortunately, this guide can help you choose the best possible corner desk that would suit you great. So, let's begin.

Considerations for Purchasing an L-Shaped Home Office Desk

L-shaped desk infographic


The price of an L shaped desk increases with its quality and sophistication. So, set up your budget before shopping for a desk. To purchase on a budget, evaluate features and costs. Take into account that research and creativity can lead to great deals.


L shaped desks maximize area in compact rooms. With appropriate width, you can organize files and papers. Too-high workstations might strain shoulders. Too low can hurt your back. Therefore, the workstation's size and shape are important, especially if it is an L shaped desk.


Since you have to deal with clutter, ample storage is an issue. Additionally, you can get a corner desk with built-in storage like a file drawer or shelf. The better use of your area may be accomplished with the help of storage.

Material and Design

Your desk should match the rest of the home office furniture while supporting a sizable amount of weight. Generally, the ideal materials for l shaped desks are wood or metal.

Installation and Dismantling

Assembly of your furniture need not take a long time. If you can easily construct and disassemble your desk, it's a sign that you can change its components or move it if it needs repair in the future.

Best L-Shaped Desks Picks For You

1. CubiCubi L-Shaped Computer Desk

CubiCubi L-Shaped Computer Desk

The perfect desk serves more than one function. It comes at a stylish, well-designed, yet reasonable price. CubiCubi L-Shaped Computer Desk fits this bill.

In fact, it has two-tier storage shelves, serving as a wiser option to convert your home office into a cozy area.

You can achieve its sturdiness by tightening the thick metal frame and double triangle strut. The fact that it has alloy steel that can be adjusted helps to reduce the amount of movement it emits.

While it has a 59.1" x 47.2" x 29.5" dimension, the laminate also offers an organic aesthetic. Not only that, the multifunctional shelf of this desk can help you store your office essentials.

You might be thinking that CubiCubi hit all the marks, especially since its assembly can take only a few minutes of your time.

Just as when you think about its applicability, the functions vary based on your needs. This industrial office corner desk is available in deep brown and black colors.

Your workspace has the potential to become a lot more productive if you choose CubiCubi as a great addition to your office space.


  • It is easy to assemble with complete instructions
  • Has a stylish appearance due to MDF wood
  • Includes a wide laminate ideal for placing gaming consoles and computer equipment on
  • It has cable management


  • Some users said the desk was inadequate for their needs
  • The method of assembly proved difficult for some users

2. Seven Warrior L-Shaped Computer Corner Desk

Seven Warrior L-Shaped Computer Corner Desk

Being user-friendly, the Seven Warrior boasts as a good choice. It has engineered wood, LED light strip kits, and ergonomic utility.

With carbon fiber as the material, the laminate is extensive enough to offer a roomy top area for two to four monitors. The item’s overall measurements are 50.4" (L) x 50.4" (L) x 18.9" (W) x 29.6". (H). It has a steel frame and changeable leg pads that support the tabletop.

If you’re also a serious gamer, dimming your light can become your habit. This three-piece L-shaped desk comes with LED strip lights of unlimited colors and several patterns via a 17-key wireless remote. Take note; it is easy to clean.

Its modern accent looks well-made to withstand continuous use. Additionally, it has 4-Outlet & 2 USB Ports for cellphones, tablets, and lamps. Thanks to the cup holder and headphone hook, your drinks and headphones are always close at hand.

This desk’s rectangular design can also come in the form of a 'U' shape. There is ample space for your feet to provide you with comfort while being productive.


  • It is easy to clean and assemble
  • User-friendly
  • Has a decent legroom
  • Looks stylish as a corner piece
  • Suitable for long hours of work, especially for gaming


  • When used with some monitors that have wide stands, this item is not appropriate
  • Lacking cushion for the bars to hold the desk up

3. Direction Executive Desk

The Direction Executive Desk is an adjustable desk that combines aesthetics, ergonomics, convenience, and productivity. This modern and inviting desk has an L-shaped top, giving you and your guest plenty of room to spread out. The return of the desk serves as both a safe place to keep things and as an extra set of shelves. 

Your keys, wallet, and phone can all stay together in one safe place with a built-in drawer. The desk's modesty curtains keep things looking tidy and out of sight. The Direction Executive Desk is a stunning illustration of how form and function can harmoniously merge, thanks to its combination of three legs, two floor-mounted and one return-mounted.


  • Aesthetic Looking
  • Cable Management
  • Sturdy


  • Pricey
  • Space Consuming
  • Limited Personalization

4. Respawn 2000 Computer Desk

Respawn 2000 Computer Desk

The requirements of gaming are taken into strategic consideration when developing Respawn 2000. This station, given its adaptability, has been constructed differently to accommodate prolonged working and studying.

Note that this corner desk has the surface dimensions of 66 “D x 66 “W x 29.5 “H, wide enough for the office essentials you can easily reach.

If you notice, there is also a beveled front edge for you to avoid having a rigid spine. The monitor shelf can save you from health issues. That said, it is what you search for in a desk to level up your gaming or working experience.

You may think of this desk that can last for a long time, thanks to its steel tube frame. You can adjust the glides to support the surface when it intensifies.

Call it a workstation or battle station. Respawn is a piece of furniture to make you feel the breeze.


  • It features a monitor shelf elevated
  • With additional racks attached to the sides


  • The front edge narrows to an odd angle
  • Its cupholder can hit your thigh

5. Bestier L-Shaped Computer Desk

Bestier L-Shaped Computer Desk

The Bestier L-Shaped Computer desk made the statement for gaming, working, and studying.

This computer desk has overall dimensions of 55.2” D x 55.2 “W x 36 “H. Generally, this desk can be utilized as either an office or a gaming desk. 15 mm P2 particle-thickness panel composes for its wooden desktop.

It has a solid metal board structure that can support over 250 pounds. A corner with a rounded center is suitable for walls and prevents occasional scratches.

It has an RGB light strip with 20 dynamic modes attached to the storage using metal buckles and tape. The strips are fastened beneath the monitor shelf, speaking of the focus point. Just plug its USB connector into your device to power the LED light.

Its storage options based on your needs are valuable. You can also use it to stack, arrange, and store your essentials neatly.


  • Its wood material is P2 particle board
  • The monitor stand level is appropriate
  • It can weigh lots of loads for its tabletop considerably


  • Some users, especially gamers, prefer a larger size than this desk

6. Elephance L-Shaped Desk

The Elephance offers you multiple functions and a spacious workspace. Its contemporary design makes it straightforward yet attractive. Choose your style between white and gold frames.

It comes with 23.6 “D x 59 “W x 29.5 “H measurements. This allows it to provide a significant amount of workspace while making the most of the limited area in your home office.

The slot in the rear corner allows wires to be routed to wherever they need to go, giving you more freedom to organize your zone as you see fit. These wires can also gather in the corner’s bevel edge while the waterproof desktop guards against everyday wear and tear.

The desk’s P2 class particle board construction and adjustable leg pads ensure that it can last a long time, even when placed on an uneven surface or carpet.

Even if you only have a little room for work, Elephance can help you make the most of it. The bottom line is to have this desk is to define the space.


  • It has cable management with beveled corners
  • Its waterproof top can save you from hassles
  • Looks durable, given the materials it is made from


  • It is challenging to assemble

7. Walker Edison Ellis Contemporary Glass Top L Shaped Corner Computer Desk

Walker Edison Ellis Contemporary Computer Desk

A Walker Edison Ellis Contemporary Glass Top L-Shaped Corner Computer Desk may be just what you need to relax and get things done.

You can count on steel’s durability and the powder coating’s resilience in this workspace, which also has a tempered safety glass top. It can support up to 50 lbs. of weight on each side surface for your essentials, 20 lbs. on the corner top surface, and 10 lbs. on the keyboard tray.

Your computer can be positioned on one side of the L, and your lamps can be placed on the other. The desk features a detached CPU stand and a movable keyboard tray.

This workstation is your solution to fit many monitors and create the ideal gaming and working environment.

Like other L shaped desks, this one can give off a similar vibe. It’s big, sturdy, and simple to set up. In summary, this furniture is ideal if you regularly log extended periods at the keyboard and are on a hot streak.


  • There’s plenty of surface at the tables
  • Stylish finish


  • Insufficient support for the keyboard tray
  • The top is glass and merely rests on plastic suction cups attached to the main frame
  • Can wobble sometimes

8. SHW Corner Home Office Desk

SHW Corner Home Office Desk

This compact corner desk for the office has everything you could possibly require. Its size, 51” W x 19” D x 28.5” H, indicates how roomy it is. Using many monitors while working is enjoyable.

The desk’s stability and balance can be adjusted to accommodate uneven flooring, which you might find convenient. It can support up to 25 pounds, making it perfect for a laptop.

Note also that the powder-coated steel adds a fashionable touch to the durability of this table. Additionally, it features a footrest bar for maximum relaxation.

While this brand’s simplicity masks its affordable price, you can expect durability. The desk is available in various colors and materials, including all black, nickel, and silver, and a hardwood desk top in walnut.

If you are a modern minimalist by style, it’s a steal for the price, considering how well made it is.


  • Has a cheap price
  • It can be an ideal layout for little rooms
  • Tiny and transportable
  • It has glides that can be adjusted for balance
  • Work surface made of particle board that serves its purpose


  • You can’t fold it up to store it
  • There are no suction cups to secure the glass
  • Weight limit of 25 pounds is inadequate for frequent use or larger screens
  • The rounded bottom piece caused some customers to have difficulty screwing it in

9. Ecorpsio L-Shaped Desk

Video: Ecorpsio L-Shaped Desk

Ecorpsio L-Shaped Desk is for you if you’re looking for a reliable desk with a contemporary desktop appearance and a very stable, well-designed one.

This workstation can meet your needs as an office worker. It has two USB charging ports and three power outlets. Additionally, it is practical to have the outlet and USB ports on top. It can improve the enjoyment of work or pleasure.

This is ideal for dual-monitor users. A laptop, printer, or monitor can be placed on the convertible twin monitor stand on the L-Shaped desk.

Also, this modern desk has ample storage, making your area look exquisite. The metal construction also serves its purpose by being durable.


  • It has a lot of leg space
  • Eeasy to put together
  • It doesn’t take up much room
  • The desk is big and strong


  • Not made of the best materials

10. FEZIBO Triple Motor L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk

FEZIBO Triple Motor L-Shaped desk

Utilizing a standing desk is one technique to guarantee that you are upright for most of the day. It may be more pleasant to work at a corner desk with adjustable height rather than one fixed in place. This is one of the deals Fezibo can offer as an electric desk.

The desk has three preset buttons that let you choose any height between 27.56” and 47.24”. Its industrial-grade steel frame can support up to 265 lbs.

This furniture has three motors that make adjusting the height easy, safe, and quick. Its collision-avoidance technology is made up of three motors and high-tech sensors.

The length of the FEZIBO unit is around 63 inches, and it features three drawers that offer extra storage space.

Fezibo, like other L shaped desks, can be helpful to prevent back discomfort, heart disease, obesity, and other health concerns of sitting or standing for long durations.

Check Fezibo out and be surprised later.


  • Good desk for its price
  • It has a great lifting capacity
  • With anti-collision and triple memory functions


  • The desktop is thin

Why You Should Purchase an L-Shaped Office Desk

1. Workspace

A straight workstation wastes valuable corners, but an L desk can make the most of that dead space. More room means you’re less constrained in where you can put your gadgets. It can be placed in a handier and more comfortable spot.

2. Aesthetic

Your L shaped desk’s individuality and efficiency may be reflected in the caliber of your output. Know that you’ll feel better in a practical and aesthetically pleasing space. Because of this, you might find it easier to stay focused. There are many other L shaped computer desks, but checkout only that suits your style.

3. Flexibility

Having less clutter and room to modify your workplace helps you make it more functional and organic. In a nutshell, office furniture allows you to be more productive and happier.

4. Productivity

L shaped desks look professional and are pleasing to the eye. Just doing this can make you more productive. It’s easy to see that getting the job done well and quickly is easier when you’re more focused. Generally, it’s said that an L shaped desk can give you a quiet place to work.

5. Space Optimization

With an L shaped desk, you may use one side for your computer and the other for documents or other tasks. Putting multiple L shaped desk parts together saves space.

Comparison Between L Shaped and Straight Desks

Home offices let you build your own area. This is especially true if you wish to work away from the clutter of your house. L shaped and straight desks exist. See their differences below.

L Shaped vs Straight Desks chart

Tips: Organizing an L-shaped desk

With a few simple tips, you can make your L shaped desk work for you by maximizing space and keeping things organized.

1. Keep a Clear Path

Create a clear path to avoid walking around or through the desk. Keep files and documents close so you can access them quickly. If numerous computers are linked to the network, face them all in one direction to make them easier to operate.

2. Make Sure Everything Has its Own Place

Everything on your desk should have a dedicated position, so it doesn't go lost (if applicable). If you need storage shelves, shop for an L shaped computer desk having plenty of departments. You can search for L shaped desks with drawers and other storage options.


An L shaped desk is helpful to any home office. It allows you the flexibility to set up your workspace in several different ways and additional privacy.

With the Bestier L-Shaped Computer Desk, the efficiency, comfort, and space it offers make up for the extra money you might have to spend. If you need additional power outlets and USB hubs to help you work faster, consider the Elephance L-Shaped Desk.

Not to mention, ultrawide monitors are perfect for L-shaped desks. Check out some of them in our website.

Any of the L shaped desks on this list won't let you down, no matter what you choose. Do you find this list appealing? Let us know in the comments below!

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