6 Health Benefits of Ergonomic Computer Desk Setups

6 Health Benefits of Ergonomic Computer Desk Setups

Sitting in front of a desk makes up most employees' work life. Generally, there are many desks to choose from, such as ergonomic computer desks, home office desks, standing desks, and adjustable desks. So, it can be confusing, especially if you want something that could benefit you and your health.

Maintaining a healthy work environment is crucial for employees, especially since they work for many hours. For those who work remotely, it's especially important to find ways to stay productive and organized without sacrificing your well-being.

One way to do this is by setting up the right ergonomic computer desk setups.

An ergonomic workstation supports your body and helps you stay cozy throughout the day, even if you just sit right in front of a computer. But does ergonomics really help you? What are its benefits? Which components do you need for an ergonomic desk station? Keep reading for some helpful advice on how to get started!

What is Ergonomics?


Ergonomics is a mixture of two Greek words: “ergon” (to work) and “nomos” (law). The International Ergonomics Association (IEA) describes the word in two ways:

  1. “scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements of a system,” and
  2. “the profession that applies theory, principles, data, and methods to design in order to optimize human well-being and overall system performance.”

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Simply put, it is the study and profession of creating a conducive and healthy environment. Generally, the environment must also cater to your capabilities and limitations to be ergonomic to get a better experience.

Ergonomics play an important factor in boosting efficiency and productivity while decreasing any risk or hazard in the workplace. In ergonomics, you are the top priority. That’s why it is also called human factors.

6 Health Benefits of Ergonomic Desk Setups

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Ergonomic desk setups are essential for reducing risks and hazards to one's health and wellness. Generally, you can accommodate your needs by modifying your workstation, enabling better body alignment and posture, strengthening muscles, and also for your comfort. Here are several benefits of creating good ergonomically aligned desk setups at the office or home:

1. Increases Productivity

Your company's success depends on an effective staff. However, sitting too much can wear people out and demotivate them. Fortunately, ergonomic desk setups increase productivity. In fact, employees say standing workstations increase productivity and are more functional despite the shift in posture.

2. Produce High-Quality Work

Weary employees are frequently the result of poorly constructed workstations or equipment. Generally, employees may not do their duties to the best of their abilities if the job demands are physically demanding. Therefore, you may reduce this feeling by finding more effective ways to do your tasks with the correct equipment.

3. Decreases Hazard and Intensify Safety

Ergonomics will improve your awareness and make the workplace safer. Generally, you'll get rid of dangers and make workstations more comfortable.

4. Improves Mental and Physical Health


Lowers blood sugar levels

Nearly all workers eat at their desks, and your blood sugar levels can rise more quickly when eating while seated. Fortunately, having convertible or adjustable desks can reduce the risk of higher blood sugar levels.

Lessens neck and back pain

Back and neck pains are among the health dangers of prolonged sitting. In fact, many office workers slouch when sitting at their desks. Having comfortable seatings can help alleviate the pain or even avoid it entirely.

Great heart health

Sitting for extended periods of time can be bad for your heart. However, thanks to convertible or adjustable desks, employees can sit or stand as they wish.

Boosts mood

It can be costly to have unhappy employees. Also, low-energy workers are less likely to be effective. Putting everything ergonomically will make you and your co-workers productive and feel fulfilled.

Improve mental insight

You can concentrate more effectively on the work you’re doing. Also, you'll feel less anxious, more aware, and attentive.

5. Boost Employee Engagement

If you’re a boss or manager, employees will immediately see the improvement in their workspace. Eventually, you'll see a rise in employee engagement because they won't be worn out or uncomfortable. Generally, the more people feel cared for, the more motivated they'll be.

It can also make your company attract high-quality applicants and retain old ones. Creating ergonomically correct desk setups can lower the turnover rate and make your company a desirable place to work.

6. Reduces Costs

Last but certainly not least, ergonomically arranged desk setups can reduce costs. Generally, you can avoid costly MSDs by gradually eliminating ergonomic risk factors.

Components of Ergonomic Desk Setups

Contrary to popular belief, sitting at a traditional desk all day can harm your health, considering the position it puts you in. In fact, making a workplace with ergonomically sound components might help you avoid work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

We have you covered if you’re curious about the different items you need for an ergonomic computer desk setup. Below are the essentials and some examples you might want to consider:

1. Chair

Corsair TC70 Remix Gaming Chair

Herman Miller Aeron

The high-density foam padding reduces pain, even during marathon gaming sessions, by providing solid support. The lumbar and headrest support cushions allow for personalized comfort and strain relief. The TC70 REMIX Gaming Chair has a steel frame, making it sturdy and long-lasting. 

The 3D armrests may be adjusted to various positions to suit the user. With the PU leather upholstery's built-in ventilation, you can keep cool and dry even during marathon gaming sessions. The Corsair TC70 REMIX Gaming Chair is the prime of gaming chairs because it combines premium materials, sleek design, and innovative features.

  • Comfortable Fit
  • Sturdy
  • Adjustable Height
  • Take some time and effort to assemble
  • Pricey
  • Limited Color Options

EWIN Knight Series Ergonomic Office/Gaming Chair - KTB

Video: EWIN Knight Series Ergonomic Office/Gaming Chair - KTB

Enjoy the pinnacle of ergonomic design with this KTB office/gaming Chair. This chair was made carefully considering every detail, providing outstanding comfort and support for long work or gaming time. The high-density foam padding and ergonomic design of the EWIN Knight Series Ergonomic Office/Gaming Chair-KTB help relieve back and neck pain. And the sturdy steel frame guarantees the chair's stability. 

The lumbar support, headrest pillow, and 2D armrests allow you to choose the ideal position for maximum comfort. Elegance oozes from its fine PVC leather upholstery. While its gliding casters and reclining back let you move around while reclining in comfort. Comfort, longevity, and good looks are all assured with this KTB chair.

  • Made With Durable PVC Leather
  • Elegant-Looking
  • Durable
  • Expensive
  • Fewer Color Options

    Aside from its amazing features, this furniture is also in style.

    2. Keyboard

    An ergonomically designed keyboard should fit your hands and body type and is made for pleasant, healthy typing. In fact, ergonomic keyboards promote a neutral wrist position, making it simpler for you to prevent overstraining while typing all day.

    Additionally, they lessen muscle tiredness and other disorders brought on by muscle strains and repetitive strain injuries, which gives you comfort even if you are working on a hard task.

    SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    Video: SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Wireless Review

    The Apex Pro Mini is the world's smallest and quickest wireless keyboard. The magnetic sensors built into the OmniPoint 2.0 Adjustable Switches enable immediate on/off functionality. The SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has two functions that can be assigned for more flexibility in gameplay. Experience fine control over registration distance tweaking for maximum customization. 

    And to save room on your desk, this 60%-scale keyboard offers all the same functionality as a full-size keyboard. Keymapping, RGB lighting, and trigger points can be tweaked with the SteelSeries Engine. The Apex Pro Mini Wireless eliminates lag and lasts long thanks to its aircraft-grade aluminum alloy design and Quantum 2.0 Wireless technology.

    • Precise and Fast Keystrokes
    • Space-Saving Design
    • Wireless
    • Limited Layout
    • Restricted Color Options
    • Not A Mechanical Keyboard Beginner Friendly

      Logitech G915 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

      The G915 is a new wireless mechanical gaming keyboard with 1ms LIGHTSPEED Wireless, low-profile GL switches, and a phenomenal 30-hour battery life. You will feel part of the action with LIGHTSYNC RGB technology and completely programmable per-key lighting. Thanks to its sturdy yet stylish construction, gaming is taken to a new level. 

      The media keys and volume wheel make managing your video, audio, and streaming content simple, while the programmable G-keys let you easily perform complex tasks. The Logitech G915 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard changes the game by combining cutting-edge technology with a sleek and intuitive form factor to create the best gaming experience ever.

      • Compact Mechanical Switches
      • Personalized RGB Lighting
      • Programmable G-Keys
      • Fewer Switch Choices
      • Pricey
      • No USB Passthrough Port

        3. Desk

        Choosing the right desk for your workstation can be a chore. Do you need an ergonomic computer desk? Or perhaps you need an adjustable desk? These are just some questions you should consider, and you must know what fits your needs.

        However, your desk must let your elbows relax at a 90-degree angle. A 90-degree angle can make your wrists rest neutrally on the surface than being bent upward. Plus, you can comfortably sit while typing.

        There have been recent trends regarding desks that you can easily convert to standing forms. Although they have been around for a while, more people have become aware of the health benefits they can offer.

        55 x 28 Inch Electric Adjustable Sit To Stand Desk With USB Port

        The Sit-Stand Desk's a multi-purpose and healthful addition to your office. The desk's height is adjustable from 28" to 46.5" via the intuitive control panel at a rate of 1" per second, encouraging a smooth transition between sitting and standing. The 55 x 28 Inch Electric Adjustable Sit To Stand Desk With USB Port has two convenient memory settings and a lock/unlock button on the panel. 

        The 55" x 28" desktop features cable holes, allowing you to set up many PCs without tripping over cords. The desk has a built-in USB port for charging devices and an anti-collision device for enhanced safety. It also has an open storage space, a hook for headphones, and a cable management tray.

        • Adjustable Height
        • USB Port
        • Spacious 
        • Time-Consuming in Assembly
        • Motor Noise
        • Limited Color Choices

          Direction Executive Desk

          The Direction Executive Desk is an adjustable workstation that perfectly balances form and function, comfort and efficiency, aesthetics, and ergonomics. This sleek and friendly workstation features an L-shaped surface, giving you and your visitors plenty of room to spread out. The desk's return has two purposes: secure storage space and an extra set of shelves. 

          Thanks to the built-in drawer, you can keep your keys, wallet, and phone in one convenient location. The desk's modesty curtains conceal personal items and always look neat. The Direction Executive Desk, with its two floor-mounted legs and one return-mounted leg, is a beautiful example of how form and function can work together.

          • Aesthetic Looking
          • Cable Management
          • Sturdy
          • Pricey
          • Space Consuming
          • Limited Personalization

            4. Monitor

            Your monitor should be an arm's length away from your body. Generally, your eyes should be level with the upper border of the monitor. Muscle strain, neck and back pain, and other health problems might result from an improper screen height.

            Ultrasharp 27 In Monitor U2722D

            Video: Ultrasharp 27 In Monitor U2722D

            This 27-inch QHD display will greatly improve your efficiency and satisfaction while working. The 2560x1440 resolution is 1.77 times more detailed than Full HD, allowing you to lose yourself in breathtaking pictures. Your work will be more captivating than ever because of the virtually borderless InfinityEdge design. 

            The Ultrasharp 27 In Monitor U2722D has a synchronized OSD for a smooth setup; employing two monitors can increase your productivity by as much as 21 percent. Access your peripherals and charge your phone quickly and easily with various connectivity choices, including DP1.4, HDMI 2.0, and fast access ports. This QHD display has features that will elevate your work to new heights.

            • Top Notch Display
            • Accurate Color Display
            • Energy-Efficient
            • No Built-in Speakers
            • Restricted Refresh Rate
            • Limited Gaming Features

              LG 27MD5KL-B 27" Ultrafine 5K Monitor

              The 27MD5KLB-B is a Mac-optimized 27-inch Class UltraFineTM 5K IPS Monitor. Its 5K IPS screen and 218 PPI allow for crisp, clear text and vivid images, even from a distance: the monitor's DCI-P3 color gamut and 500 nits of brightness guarantee accurate color reproduction and high visibility. 

              The inclusion of ThunderboltTM 3 allows for the transmission of 5K video, the transfer of audio and data, and the charging of devices. The LG 27MD5KL-B 27" Ultrafine 5K Monitor works flawlessly with macOS, allowing any display adjustments. For a full media experience, it also has a built-in camera, speakers, and microphone. The stand can be changed to fit the user's needs, allowing for more efficiency.

              • Optimized Color Performance
              • High-Resolution Display
              • Built-in Camera and Speakers
              • Pricey
              • Limited Compatibility
              • Not an On-The-Go Use

                5. Mouse

                Keeping your mouse near your keyboard eliminates unnatural shoulder movements. Also, having an ergonomic mouse enables you to maintain a neutral handshake position.

                Logitech MX Master 25 Wireless Mouse

                Video: Logitech MX Master 25 Wireless Mouse Review

                Experience the power and efficiency of Logitech's flagship mouse, the MX Master 25. This mouse makes switching between computers and copying and pasting data easy.  The Logitech MX Master 25 Wireless Mouse offers a smooth multi-computer workflow, allowing you to move your mouse cursor across up to three computers and easily transfer text, images, and files.

                The mouse features fast recharging, with a 3-minute charge providing a full day of use and a full charge lasting over 70 days. The hyper-efficient scrolling and easy-switch connectivity make navigation and device switching a breeze. The ergonomic design ensures comfort and precise control, making the MX Master 25 a perfect choice for power users.

                • Fast Charging
                • Easy Switch
                • Dual Connectivity
                • Right-Handed Design
                • Heavier
                • Incompatible To Some Connectivity

                MS Black BT Mouse

                The MS Black BT Mouse is the ideal portable mouse for working on the go. This sleek and contemporary mouse comes in various colors, including matte black, pastel blue, peach, and mint, and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. 

                With Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy (LE) and Windows 10's built-in Swift Pair feature, you can enjoy wireless freedom while working on your laptop. In addition to providing precise document and website navigation, the quick tracking sensor ensures smooth tracking on most surfaces. The MS Black BT Mouse is a significant improvement over the standard mouse.

                • Easy Connectivity
                • Modern Design
                • Stylish Color Options
                • Restricted Compatibility
                • Low Battery Life
                • Incompatible in Different Hand Sizes

                6. Lighting

                Eye strain and headaches can be avoided using proper lighting free of glare and shadows. Therefore, it is best to let natural light in as possible. If not, use a lamp close to your desk's work area and modest overhead lighting. Additionally, use the 20-20-20 rule to prevent eye fatigue. Every 20 minutes of staring at your work, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

                Dyson Lightcycle Desk Light

                Video: Dyson Lightcycle Desk Light Review

                Dyson introduced its Lightcycle Desk Light to quench the ergonomic computer desk lighting problem. Generally, the lamp automatically adjusts brightness and light temperature throughout the day to lessen eye strain. It weighs 7.7 pounds, despite its sleek, modern style.

                You can rotate the lamp's vertical stem 360 degrees. Plus, you may turn the upper half of its horizontal arm to direct ambient lighting sideways or upward. Repositioning the arm above the lamp's base illuminates the stem and decreases blue light while producing a soft ambient light.

                • Extensive range of movement
                • Automatic light adjustment
                • Turns on and off automatically
                • Very high priced
                • Controls can be hard

                BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp

                Video: BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp Review

                The BenQ e-Reading LED Swing-Arm Desk Lamp features a modern design and offers broad light coverage. It has a wide range of motion and adjustable brightness and temperature settings. In addition, it has a vertical extension of up to 30 inches.

                However, due to its size, it cannot fit small desks. But it’s incredibly versatile because the head is fixed on a ball joint so that it can move in any direction. The lamp is simple to assemble despite having a relatively complicated design.

                • An array of warmth settings
                • Easy controls
                • Can illuminate whole desk setup
                • Big frame
                • Not fit for small and cramped spaces

                Working With Ergonomic Desk Setups

                Working With Ergonomic Desk Setups

                The importance of ergonomic computer desks, chairs, keyboards, and many more in the modern workplace is only increasing. Therefore, you need to consider a pleasant, secure, and healthy environment to work from because of the increasing reliance on digital technologies.

                So, if you are going in-store and shopping for the right ergonomic desks, hopefully, you’ll consider the items listed here for your work-from-home ergonomic desk setup. Certainly, you can make the Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse and Dyson Lightcycle Desk Light a foundation for your workspace.

                You can check out our catalog of comfortable gaming chairs to ensure your desk setup is ergonomic. Also, have you experienced the benefits of an ergonomic computer desk setup? Let us know in the comments below!

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