6 Spectacular Gaming Headphones That Will Enhance Your Gameplay

6 Spectacular Gaming Headphones That Will Enhance Your Gameplay

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Are you tired of playing games that sound flat and have unnecessary lags in the audio? The best gaming headphones can let you immerse and provide a better experience while gaming. However, choosing the right headphones for gaming is an important job requiring much research.

This guide can help you ensure that you're investing in your gaming future which can set you apart from others. Read on to learn more!

Considerations When Buying Headphones

how to find the best gaming headphones

1. Platform

Ensure that your headset can work with whatever platform you use. If you have an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 (PS4), you should look for a device optimized for those platforms. It must have built-in software that allows users to adjust settings such as volume and bass levels without opening up their console or PC first.

2. Microphone

If you're playing a multiplayer game, you must have a microphone that works well with your gaming headset. The best gaming headsets have advanced features such as noise cancellation or background noise reduction technology. It should be able to transmit your voice clearly and accurately so that everyone can hear what you have to say.

3. Aesthetics

Aesthetics can help you feel more comfortable while playing games. It can improve your mood and make you feel better. Also, it would help to choose a color scheme that works well with your style or tastes. If you want something that can stand out from the crowd, you'll need to look at some of the more stylish options.

4. Surround Sound

Surround sound works by using multiple speakers or drivers to create an audio field that envelopes your ears. This way, you can accurately pinpoint where sounds are coming from and identify enemies before they attack. If you want a more immersive gaming experience, surround sound headphones are a must-have.

5. Noise Isolation

Noise isolation is the ability of your headset to block out external sounds. Some models even have active noise cancellation (ANC) technology built in. It can cancel out certain sounds rather than block them out. If you play in a busy household or have roommates who tend to be loud, noise isolation can help keep them from distracting you while playing.

6. Replacement Parts

Having a great headset does not mean you can ignore its other needs or that it will work flawlessly for years to come. Your headset's microphone requires regular maintenance, including cleaning and replacement. In addition, you should swap out your headphones' wires and connectors regularly if they are removable.

7. Wired vs. Wireless

Wired headphones can be more comfortable and reliable. They don’t run out of power. However, they also tend to be less portable and can be more expensive than wireless ones. Wireless headphones are the way to go if you want to play games on multiple devices. You won’t need additional wires running between all your devices for them to work properly.

wired vs wireless headphones

8. Build Quality

Build quality refers to how well your headphones can hold up over time. This can range from how durable they are to how easy they are to use.


A pair of good-quality ear cups can enhance sound quality significantly by creating more space between your ears and the speakers inside the ear cup area.


The headband must hold the ear cups firmly when you wear them. There can't be any buildup of moisture in the ear cup, so it must be able to absorb sweat.

Clamp Force

A good clamping force ensures that your headphones don’t fall off. It contributes to its sound quality, comfort, and durability. The higher the clamping force, the more secure it is.


The weight can determine how comfortable it is for you to wear. Some people prefer lightweight headsets so they don’t feel as heavy on their heads as other types of headsets do.

6 Best Gaming Headphones For You

1. SteelSeries Arctis 7P+ Wireless Gaming Headset


The SteelSeries Arctis 7P+ is equipped with next-level audio technology to deliver unmatched sound quality. It features high-fidelity 40mm neodymium drivers that precisely reproduce every sound, from the quiet footsteps of an approaching enemy to the thunderous battlefield explosions. 

Designed for long gaming sessions, the Arctis 7P+ prioritizes comfort without compromising on performance. Its lightweight and durable construction, combined with the adjustable headband and plush ear cushions, provide a comfortable fit that can be customized to suit your preferences.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Lag-free audio
  • Lightweight


  • Weak bass
  • Uncomfortable

2. Arctis Nova Pro WirelessImage

Experience gaming like never before with the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless headset. Designed for professional-grade gaming audio, this wireless headset delivers unparalleled sound quality that will transport you straight into the heart of the action. 

With up to 20 hours of battery life, the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless ensures you stay in the game longer without interruptions. Spend hours exploring virtual worlds or engaging in extended gaming sessions confidently, knowing that your headset won't disappoint you.


  • Strong noise cancellation
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Hot-swappable batteries


  • Uses leatherette material
  • Expensive


NUBWO U3 gaming headphone

NUBWO U3 3.5mm Gaming Headset comes with a decent design, which is made for people who love to play games on their mobile phones or other devices. It is compatible with New Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo 3DS. Any form of console gaming can be done with its 5-foot-long wire.

This headset has a special design that allows you to adjust it according to your preferences. It also comes with a microphone and volume control buttons so that you can easily adjust the volume of the sound or mute it whenever necessary.

Its 14.4-ounce weight makes it heavier than the majority of gaming headphones. Generally, it has a hefty shape that looks and feels substantial and is made of black ABS plastic. It delivers an exceptional audio experience with high-quality stereo and clever extreme bass that improves sound clarity.

The ear pads are adjustable, so they fit perfectly on your ears and provide a comfortable feeling while playing games or listening to music on these headsets.

If you are searching for an outstanding headset for any family who does not want to spend much money, the NUBWO U3 may suit you.


  • It is portable
  • The audio quality is excellent
  • sound quality is higher than anticipated, given the price


  • At 10 dB, some hissing may occur
  • Sometimes, the mute button wouldn't function
  • It has neither noise cancellation nor echo cancellation

4. NPET HS10 Stereo

NPET HS10 Stereo headphones

The NPET HS10 Stereo Gaming Headset is designed for gamers. It’s a great headset for FPS and MMO games, as well as for music.

This wired gaming headset is built with a durable metal headband and earcups made from high-quality PU leather. It comes with an Omnidirectional microphone that can be rotated up or down to your liking.

Also, it has a 50mm magnetic neodymium driver that can deliver good sound quality without distortion. The bass response is also impressive, ideal for gamers who want to hear footsteps clearly during gaming sessions.

The over-ear cups are comfortable and soft to wear for long periods. It helps block out external noise while playing your favorite games. This comes with a detachable audio cable, which means you can plug it into any device with a headphone jack: gaming consoles, smartphones, laptops, and other devices.

It has a braided USB cable with high tensile strength, an anti-winding design, rotary volume control, and a key microphone mute to stop the long connection from tying up. You can quickly regulate the volume and mute the microphone with the press of a single key.

Having NPET HS10 can bring you less worry about compatibility issues if you change devices often.


  • It can provide comfort
  • Good stereo equipment is included
  • relatively cheap for the sound quality


  • Its noise canceling technique could be enhanced
  • The controller's plug-in cord is a huge, thick cord
  • blue light surrounding both earpieces has issues

5. Turtle Beach - Stealth 520 Premium

Turtle Beach Stealth 520 Premium headphone

The Turtle Beach is a premium, fully wireless gaming headset with DTS:X 7.1 Surround, 50mm speakers, and a 15-hour battery life of continuous playtime on a single charge.

It has 3D Immersive 360-degree spatial audio for your mobile device, suitable for PC, PS3, PS4, and PS4 Pro. The True Link Wireless technology makes it easy to connect to your favorite devices wirelessly without needing base stations or cables.

Its Advanced ChatMix dial allows you to control your voice and game audio balance through one convenient knob on the side of the headset.

In fact, it is a step up from the Turtle Beach Stealth 420, but it's still affordable. It features a great design and comfortable earcups that block most background noise. The sound quality is also pretty good, especially for such a cheap headset.

One of its main advantages over other models is its build quality. The headband and earcups are made from high-quality plastics that feel durable and sturdy. Additionally, the earcups have a little padding, so they won't press too firmly against your skull when used for extended periods.

If you are looking for a bold design inspired by stealth aircraft with a sleek aesthetic, the Turtle Beach makes it a great addition to your gaming setup.


  • It is stylishly made
  • The audio in-game is excellent
  • There are numerous audio modes available


  • It has a clumsy appearance
  • Needs a time-consuming setup
  • Concerning mic difficulties exist

6. HP Gaming Xbox One

HP Gaming Xbox One gaming headphones

The HP Gaming Xbox One is a great gaming headset and the perfect accessory for your Xbox One. It has a 3.5mm neodymium driver delivers clear highs and deep bass.

This headset features a lightweight design and comfortable ear cups so that you can game for hours in comfort. Because the microphone is detachable, you can use the headset as a conventional headset, whether watching movies or listening to music on your PC.

The ear cups also have high-quality speakers that deliver clear sound with deep bass. This means you may be able to hear the footsteps of your opponents creeping up behind you and enjoy crystal-clear dialogue from games.

It also comes with RGB Lighting to make you stand out and enhance your experience and performance. Additionally, its built-in noise-canceling technology can eliminate background noises and deliver clear voice transmission so you can communicate better with your gaming partners.

With this ergonomic gaming headset, you can chat with friends during multiplayer sessions or take advantage of voice commands. It has an immersive 7.1 Surround Sound that can provide outstanding positional audio.

If you're into an ergonomic design, ideal for a laptop, PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS, try HP Gaming Xbox One.


  • Works very well
  • It comes with an anti-static microphone
  • Good leatherette rims for sound isolation


  • Not portable
  • It has an issue with its build quality
  • With only the USB put in, it does not even function as headphones

Benefits of Gaming Headphones

Gaming headphones are a great way to immerse yourself in your favorite video game world. Just a few of this equipment’s many advantages are listed below.

Immersive experience

The sound quality is often better than what you get with earbuds or speakers. This makes it easier to immerse yourself in action and feel like you’re actually in the game world.

Better Sound Quality

Gaming headsets come with high-quality speakers that produce crystal-clear sounds. It can give you an edge over opponents using lower-quality ones.

Effective Communication

With a built-in microphone, it can let you talk to other players during multiplayer games. You won’t have to shout at them over your computer speakers.


Gaming headphones have become a necessity nowadays. If you love to play games, then you know the importance of a good pair of gaming equipment for sound quality. Your main concerns should be comfort, durability, sound quality, and price.

The HyperX Cloud Stinger Core can provide comfort and sound quality, while Razer BlackShark V2 has been built with a spatial surround sound engine for gaming. Of course, you would also want to have the best gaming mouses to up your game.

Finding the right gaming headphone can be challenging because so many are on the market. Don't worry; this guide has a list of spectacular gaming headphones to enhance your experience.

Do you agree that headphones enhance your gameplay? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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