7 Impressive Designs for Your Home Office Set Up

7 Impressive Designs for Your Home Office Set Up

Do you want a new aesthetic design for your home office set up. Is it time to make changes to your home office desk? Many designs can transform an ordinary room into a lively home office while increasing your productivity.

This article will show you 7 impressive designs, and recommended products for your home office set up. So, continue reading to learn more!

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1. Retro 70s Style Home Office Set Up

Retro Home Office

If you've seen cute retro trends coming back, you should take this as a sign to try this home office desk aesthetic. Indeed, the colors will surely energize any workspace or office setups. So, add eccentric furniture and figurines to accent and add to the retro style.

Carmen Home Office Chair

This swivel desk chair fits right into your retro 70s office setups aesthetic. Certainly, the Carmen Office Chair gives you features that will provide comfort for your posture.


  • Comes with armrest
  • Can be rotated
  • Adjustable seat height with metal gas lift
  • With padding


  • Only available in one color
  • No headrest

Swingline Stapler

This retro-styled stapler is a must-have for any paper works and in organizing documents. Also, it adds up to the element of the retro design of your home office desk, taking you back to the corporate 70s.


  • Durable for its all-metal material
  • Can dispense 210 strips of staples
  • Staples up to 25 sheets of paper
  • Low-stapler indicator for refills


  • Only available in one color
  • Heavy

Balloon Dog Resin Sculpture

This polyresin balloon dog sculpture is a unique accent piece with its playful color. Generally, you can place it on your desk beside your laptop, coffee table, or bookshelves. Indeed, it’s perfect for adding the funky vibe to your retro office design aesthetics.


  • Comes in many colors
  • Durable, and the paint won't peel off or fade for a long time
  • Easy to mix and match with other furniture pieces
  • A conversation piece for display while working from home


  • Quite small and expensive
  • Need to be kept out of children's reach most of the time

Retro Brass Bankers Desk Lamp

This Bankers desk lamp is stylish and functional for your 70s office design theme. Additionally, it has an elegant interior design, and you can adjust the lighting between warm white or cool white bulbs.


  • Can install LED or incandescent bulbs
  • No need to assemble
  • Adjustable lampshade
  • 2 years warranty


  • Quite expensive
  • It can overheat if you're not using recommended LED bulb

2. Gamer Home Office Set Up

Gamer Home Office

Video: Room Tour Project 238 - BEST Desk & Gaming Setups!

If you're a gamer, it's ideal to have both your gaming and office setup in one station. In addition, lighting effects are prioritized for those who want to have the gamer vibe. Of course, your latest computer and accessories should be the highlight of your home office.

As a gamer, you are also passionate about video games, movies, and books. So merch like toy figures, limited edition collectibles, and posters can be displayed on shelves as part of your theme.


The Apex Pro Mini has robust software configuration options to improve your gaming experience. SteelSeries Engine software lets you customize the keyboard by remapping keys, making macros, and adjusting lighting effects. It also allows for sensitivity changes on the fly, providing you with a distinct advantage in-game.

The SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is an ultra-compact option for gamers who value high performance, programmable lighting, and wireless freedom. The Apex Pro Mini will take your gameplay to new heights by giving you the responsiveness and accuracy you need to crush the opposition.


  • Wireless convenience provides freedom of movement without compromising performance.
  • Mechanical switches offer tactile feedback and precise key presses for a satisfying typing experience.
  • Ergonomic design and adjustable feet for comfortable typing during long gaming sessions.


  • It may be better for users who prefer quieter typing experiences.

    MXZ Gaming Desktop PC

    This desktop is suitable both for work and gaming. Indeed, with its 12th GEN Core i3-12100F 4-Core 8-thread CPU that runs between 3.70 GHz-4.40 GHz, you can count on its fast and responsive system.  


    • Upgradeable RAM
    • Pre-installed Windows 10 Pro
    • Free lifetime tech support
    • Comes with add-ons of window side case panel with multiple RGB colors


    • Only available in one color

    Smart LED Light Bars

    These smart LED light bars can be used for music, which means they have high-sensitivity microphones that sync, changing their colors to the beat. Certainly, it’s perfect for entertainment value during work or when taking breaks.


    • App-controls
    • Easy installation to a PC or a TV
    • Can also be used as reading lights or night lights


    • Only has one USB port and only uses a Type-C data cable
    • Only available in one color

    Funko Pop! TV: Stranger Things - Dustin Vinyl Figure

    Funko Pop vinyl figures are certainly for creating your collections to add to your gamer-themed home office. So, go ahead and collect characters from your favorite movies or TV series!


    • Other characters' vinyl figures are also available
    • Conversation piece


    • Quite small

    3. Nautical Home Office Set Up Theme

    Nautical Home Office Theme

    If you want a nautical-themed home office set up, you must remember to incorporate seaside elements that maintain the effortless, peaceful, and calming vibe. For you to be consistent with the theme, you should consider the following:

    1. Light and bright base colors, preferable shades of white such as beige or sandy tones for your keyboard and mouse.

    2. The base color should complement the wall or furniture to get neutral tones while also adding accents of green from plants and shades of blue to incorporate the seaside tones.

    3. Complete the coastal theme by adding an accent of materials such as rope, rattan, and wicker to your furniture, or drape it over the desk chair for a bit of flair.

    Madison Park Hayden Slipper Accent Chair

    This chair has accents of blue and green that go with the nautical theme of your home office set up, and it can be used as your office chair or for guests. Generally, its flexible colorway is perfect to go along with the other furniture, floor, and wall colors.


    • 100% polyester cushion
    • Foam padding
    • Tight-weaved fabric


    • Has no armrest
    • Non-adjustable seat height

    DW Home Farmhouse Series Richly Scented SEA Salt + Thyme Candle

    This scented candle is perfect for adding a sea breeze smell to your nautical aesthetics. So, let your small space motivate yourself to work by thinking of your next beach escapade.


    • Brings a calming effect
    • Adds a warm lighting ambiance


    • Should be kept away from flammable items
    • It must not be within children's reach

    22" Large Rattan Wall Hanging Mirror

    This rattan hanging wall mirror adds to the nautical element with an eye-catching design. Indeed, it’s great for wall decoration to make cramped spaces look bigger.


    • Durable and can last long term since it is made by expert artisans
    • Made from natural rattan
    • Lightweight


    • Flammable

    4. Neutral Minimalist Home Office Set Up

    Minimalist Home Office

    Video: Inside Kim Kardashian's Home Filled With Wonderful Objects | Vogue

    It’s always easy to be inspired by neutral minimalist aesthetics that give a very sleek style, welcome natural light, and minimize clutter. Generally, this design will make it easier for you to choose your furniture or home office desk pieces since you only use neutral shades of white and beige.

    So, if you want to mix it up, you can also go for nude colors, ensuring the color palettes won't clash and help us in keeping the contrast of colors in order.

    Zesthouse Accent Swivel Chair with Wheels

    This swivel chair adds coziness to its wool fabric and complements its minimalist design. It's also ergonomic, which is perfect for sitting throughout the day since it has a sturdy frame to bear weight.


    • Comes with an armrest for placing other gadgets and devices
    • Can be rotated
    • Adjustable seat height
    • Easy to assemble


    • Expensive

    Clear Computer Monitor Stand with Tempered Glass and Metal Legs

    This computer monitor stand plays a stylish and functional role that complements your neutral minimalist aesthetic and can be placed in the living room. This could also be used with a standing desk.


    • Durable glass material and heat resistant
    • Safe to use
    • Easy to assemble


    • Quite expensive
    • Not good for space-saving

    D'vine Dev 11-Inch Ceramic Flower Vase

    This ceramic flower vase is handcrafted and gives a simple, clean, and minimalist design. So, as you work from home, this could dainty up any desk setup for your space.


    • Comes in other sizes and colors
    • Beautiful and well-wrapped packaging
    • It can be used in any season


    • Need to be kept out of children's reach

    5. Mid-Century Modern Home Office Set Up

    Mid-Century Modern Home Office

    The mid-century modern aesthetic uses antique pieces and has a palette of orange, yellow, and turquoise. So, start looking at antique shops to get unique pieces that give off a vintage and classic vibe for your work from home set up. For this desk setup combination, you can start with your office desk and chair.

    Sputnik Chandelier Mid Century Pendant Ceiling Light Fixture

    This light fixture is also compatible with LED, Edison, and CFL bulbs. Additionally, you can use dimmable bulbs since it's also compatible with a dimmer switch to adjust the light ambiance of your liking. Aside from having natural light, this fixture helps with lighting while working from home.


    • Easy to install
    • Adjustable arms
    • The price is right for its quality


    • Some parts of the product could be delivered with defects
    • Not suitable for large spaces or rooms

    Woodrose Framed 1960s Canvas Print

    This Vintage framed canvas print fits the interior elements and adds to the overall mood and lighting ambiance. Indeed, this will definitely level up your home office design as you work from home.


    • Different print designs are available
    • Canvas prints are already installed in the frame


    • Only comes with abstract designs
    • The actual color may be different from the online listing

    Andi Mid Century Modern Table Lamp 24.5"

    Home offices need different lighting sources. This table lamp can highlight the framed canvas print. It’s perfect for end tables or tops of storage cabinets.


    • Handcrafted ceramic base
    • Comes in another color
    • Flattering glow on linen textures


    • Not earthquake proof
    • It May usually be out of stock

    6. Nature-Inspired Decor Home Office Set Up

    Nature-Inspired Home Office

    If you want to relieve stress, adding plants to your home office can help you. Plant enthusiasts can relax their minds from stress by tending to plants during breaks while working from home. Additionally, plants are a good conversation piece during meetings.

    To build this aesthetic, shades of green from your plants and earth-toned wooden office desk, cabinets, or chairs will help. However, remember to place the indoor plants according to the natural light required to grow, some may need more sunlight than others.

    HOOBRO 6-tier Bookshelf with Cabinet

    If you want your plants to have a whole section to themselves, you can use this 6-tier bookshelf and place it in your living room. It also has a cabinet at the bottom so you can store your gardening equipment.


    • Has an anti-slip pad for stability
    • Good quality for its price
    • Unique geometric design with its S-shaped and open cube
    • Easy to assemble


    • Only available in this color and texture

    LUCYPAL 2 Drawer Wooden File Cabinet

    The texture of this file cabinet complements its earth-toned color and your indoor plants. Generally, you can place your indoor plants on top with lamps or ceramic figurines.


    • Available in different colors
    • You can place your printers or projectors on it


    • Can only store letter-sized documents or objects

    Extra Thick Light Gray Concrete Cement Wallpaper

    To create a nature-inspired overall look for your home office design, mimic the environment outside with this concrete cement wallpaper. Additionally, you can put this wallpaper on a particular part of the office where your plants are if you don't want to have a major remodeling.


    • Easy to attach to the walls of your home office set up
    • Thick matte-textured material provides a realistic design


    • Not available on another color palette or other texture

    7. Shabby Chic Home Office Set Up

    Shabby Chic Home Office

    Video: Shabby chic home office decor ideas

    The shabby chic aesthetic is usually for people fond of crafted furniture and decor. This aesthetic is easy to find in online shops since many crafted items have nice designs and are functional for your workspace, making it seem like the best home office. Pastel colors are usually used on wallpaper or furniture for this aesthetic.

    JONATHAN Y JYL3031A Regent 33" Rustic Resin LED Table Lamp

    With a functional voice control feature, this table lamp will complement your shabby chic office design while working from home. It’s also compatible with Philips Hue and Alexa smart outlets. Indeed, the design quality speaks for its attention to detail.


    • Easy to complement with other furniture
    • Classic and elegant style with a modern functional use
    • Easy to assemble
    • Worth the price


    • Only has a 30-day warranty.

    NIKKY HOME Vintage Wooden Calendar Desk Accessory

    This wooden calendar is great for the shabby chic aesthetic and dog lovers. Also, it has a simple display that blends with other office supplies and furniture.


    • Reusable
    • No need to assemble
    • Smooth edge design to avoid scratches


    • Quite expensive

    Sauder Trestle 5-Shelf Bookcase

    The style of this 5-shelf bookcase is functional enough to put your collectibles, vases, sculptures, scented candles, office supplies, and some indoor plants on. Just be mindful of putting the items together properly, so your space doesn’t look cluttered.


    • Available in two more colors and texture
    • The user manual is easy to follow


    • Other items are made of fiberboard material


    Setting up an aesthetically pleasing home office desk can help support and uplift your mood, help you work easily, and maintain a balanced work life. It also makes you look forward to working every day as you find yourself in a nice work environment in the comfort of your home.

    The ROCKSOUL RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard will definitely go well with Smart LED Light Bars as you spend your nights working. Make sure to check out some of the best computer monitors in our site to improve your home office aesthetic even more.

    So, did this article help you search for the perfect home office aesthetic? Let us know in the comments section below!

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