7 Must-Have Desk Accessories to Boost Your Productivity

7 Must-Have Desk Accessories to Boost Your Productivity

purchasing desk accessories tips

Do you want to increase your productivity to finish your tasks on time? Good working conditions are essential for a productive workplace and enjoyable job. However, you might get confused between all the different choices available in the market. Fret not; this guide can help you select the best desk accessories and boost your productivity.

5 Tips for Purchasing Desk Accessories

desk accessories

1. Decide Between Different Brands

To choose between several brands, you can rely on your senses. Look at the product's appearance, how it feels in your hand, and whether it matches what you want.

If you're using an item on a desktop, pay attention to its weight and size. You may also consider how easily it may fit into another storage.

Generally, buyers consider these things when making purchases for themselves or their office spaces. Keep them in mind when you shop for your home office.

2. Have Enough Space for Accessories

It's crucial to keep in mind that there are never too many desk accessories while choosing them. To begin with, you have an incredible amount of space on your desk.

In addition, if you run out of room, there are plenty of easy solutions. Consider reorganizing the contents of your desk or get a second one, if necessary.

Additionally, take some time to think about the purchase, ask yourself why you want it, and consider whether it fits your space in your home office.

3. Compare Different Desk Item Styles

Look at the different styles and sizes of items. Many desk devices are available, including clocks, candle holders, and picture frames.

Generally, each can be made from various materials, including wood or metal, so make sure to consider this when shopping for them.

Anything purchased for use on top of your desks must be safe enough. It should be handy under day-to-day wear, so nobody gets hurt if they accidentally bump into it.

4. Look for Items That Offer New Features

Consider whether the items have new features. These features can include things like USB ports or Bluetooth technology.

They can also include a charging station for your phone or a built-in calendar. If these are unimportant to you, it doesn't matter if an accessory has them.

The most important thing when purchasing something like this is that you're happy with how it looks and works. It could also be later if you think this isn't true now.

5. Put Your Items Together in a Creative Way

It's simple to make a statement about who you are, what interests you, and how organized or creative you are. It takes just an easy few minutes to show that attention to detail.

Here are some pointers for creatively assembling your accessories for storage:

  • Get organizers that offer fresh features
  • Keep your components together in a unique way
  • Make sure you have space for all your essentials in your home office
  • Shop several different desk peripherals to mix and match over time

7 Favorite Desk Accessories for Better Productivity

1. Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse

The Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse offers a seamless and convenient way to navigate your digital world easily. With its sleek design and advanced features, this mouse is a perfect companion for work and leisure. Its wireless connectivity eliminates the hassle of tangled cables, allowing you to move around and work from any angle.

Designed with comfort in mind, its ergonomic shape provides a natural grip, reducing strain and discomfort. The Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse features a high-precision optical sensor that delivers smooth and accurate tracking on various surfaces. Whether working at a desk or on the go, you can rely on this mouse to respond accurately to your movements.


  • Well-designed
  • Affordable
  • Long battery life


  • Needs AA battery

2. Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Touch TV Keyboard

logitech k400 plus wireless touch tv keyboard

The Logitech K400 Plus is a wireless mini keyboard that pairs with your TV, PC, or Mac via a Unifying receiver.

To save your favorite settings, you can modify its controls using the Logitech Options Software. It has wireless communication with a 33-foot maximum range.

Also, its compact design features a built-in touchpad for navigation and control. It lets you get your writing or studying done with this functional device.

This package has a mini keyboard and USB receiver connecting the device to your computer.

The battery life of this wireless TV keyboard is consistent and extended, lasting up to 18 months. It also has an on/off button to make it run even longer.

Certainly, the Logitech K400 Plus is the keyboard for your style if you're searching for one with durable keys and a spill-resistant design.


  • It has a trackpad integrated right into it
  • Great media and volume keys
  • Works well with most OSes


  • Its software system is subpar
  • Multi-device pairing is not included
  • There is no Bluetooth connection support

3. TECKNET Mouse Mat

tecknet mouse mat

Video: Computer Mouse Pad With Wrist Support

The TECKNET Ergonomic Gaming Mouse Pad is a premium mouse pad with a unique wave style. It boasts an ergonomic shape and high-quality material for comfort.

Generally, it can make your wrist more comfortable when using the mouse. It is designed to fit the natural curve of your wrist for less pain when using the mouse for a long time.

This mouse pad has a silk-processed surface, making it highly durable and smooth. It also provides good tracking performance to prevent losing track of your mouse cursor.

Additionally, this gaming mouse pad has a rubber base that prevents slipping on your desk surface. Its 9.44" x 8.46" size supports arbitrary movements during gameplay or work sessions.

So, if you are searching for a mat to provide a more functional working experience, pick TECKNET Ergonomic Gaming Mouse Pad.


  • The mouse pad is cozy for regular usage
  • It is incredibly simple to maintain and clean
  • With the help of memory foam, it has great wrist support


  • For gaming sessions, it is too flimsy
  • If used always, the wrist may become sore

4. Rain Design iLevel2 Adjustable Height Laptop Stand


Say goodbye to uncomfortable working positions and hello to a more comfortable and ergonomic setup. The iLevel2 laptop stand provides adjustable height settings, allowing you to customize the viewing angle that suits you best. It features a built-in cable management system that keeps your workspace tidy and clutter-free.

The Rain Design iLevel2 is not only functional but also built to last. Crafted from premium quality aluminum, this laptop stand offers excellent stability and durability, ensuring that your laptop stays securely in place. The sleek and modern design adds a touch of elegance to your workspace, making it a stylish addition to any professional or home office.


  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to setup


  • Expensive

5. Anker USB C Hub

anker usb c hub

Video: Anker PowerExpand Review & Test

The Anker 8-in-1 USB-C is a great pick for any computer. Adding expandable storage, HDMI, and USB ports is simple without needing multiple adapters.

It comes with 1 HDMI, a USB-C data port, a USB-C power delivery input port, and 2 USB-A data ports. Connection to peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, and flash drives may become handy.

Its HDMI connector supports up to 4K at 60Hz media playback. The HDMI port can let you wirelessly mirror your laptop screen on an external monitor or projector.

It also supports data transfer rates up to 10 Gbps and has a max power output of 85 W for charging at full speed.

So, if you want to connect devices to your computer without having to keep extra connections, the Anker USB-C is the top accessory to shop for.


  • It is a 65W USB Hub
  • It is compact and portable
  • Can transport data quickly


  • The cable is short
  • It can quickly get hot

6. OttLite LED Soft Touch Desk Lamp

ottlite led soft touch desk lamp

The OttLite LED Soft Touch Desk Lamp is sleek and stylish. It offers precise lighting options to help you get the perfect light for your workspace.

This lamp has an adjustable head that allows you to direct the light exactly where it's needed. Thanks to the flexible rubbery neck that extends from 8 to 18", you can move the shade.

Its bright white light can help illuminate dark areas and reduce eyestrain. Also, it has energy-efficient LED bulbs that last up to 40,000 hours.

This product is ‎a corded electric with only 8 watts of power and can produce 543 lumens of brightness. It has three settings and a swivel arm that can be used as a nightstand.

Try OttLite LED Soft Touch Desk Lamp if you value amazing clarity and can reduce glare and eyestrain.


  • It has a 40,000-hour maximum lifespan
  • It has minimal glare with excellent contrast
  • With touch-activated control, it has three brightness levels


  • Some users find it small
  • The AC/DC power cord's cylinder-shaped plug is fragile

7. Belkin USB Power Strip Surge Protector

belkin usb power strip surge protector

The Belkin USB Power Strip Surge Protector is a power strip that has 12 AC outlets and two USB charging ports.

Additionally, the device comes in white and has a sleek design. It can be used to charge your phones, tablets, and other devices.

The 3,996-Joule energy rating of the electric strip makes it a dependable power extension cord. It has an integrated circuit breaker that guards against overloading your devices.

Generally, it's great for protecting your expensive electronics from damage caused by unexpected electrical surges or spikes in voltage.

If you want a charging station for a clutter-free desk, feel free to shop the Belkin USB Power Strip Surge Protector.


  • Many huge plugs can fit in it
  • It's not particularly portable
  • From the box to the socket, assembly is simple


  • There is no discernible light
  • Its dependability is questioned

Online vs. In-Store Shopping for Desk Accessories

These are an essential part of any office. Without them, your desk would look incomplete, and you might even struggle to complete your work.

However, each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, making it more suitable for different people. Check their differences below.

online and in-store shopping for desk accessories

What Makes Desk Accessories Necessary?

Video: 5 Tips For Organizing Your Desk Setup

Desk accessories are simple things that can help to make your desk space more organized and attractive. They can be used for storing small items and decorating your desk. Many different types of devices available in the market can fit your needs and budget.

They are available in different styles, designs, and shapes, so you can choose those which suit your requirements best. You should purchase items that won't take up much room on your desk. If there are too many things there, it can stop looking nice.


Desk accessories are the little gears that add up to big differences. They are what can give your desk the perfect touch. Your desk setup is a big part of how you present yourself to the world.

Try Logitech K400 if you want a wireless mini keyboard that pairs with your TV, PC, or Mac. The ORICO Adjustable Laptop Stand is great if you need an aluminum computer riser while working from home. Check out our website to see the best computer monitors we have just for you.

This handy guide has a list of desk accessories to help you boost your productivity. It's time to decide which product can work best for you. Please leave a comment below and tell us what you think about these essential desk accessories. Good luck!


    Thank you for sharing these valuable insights, and I’m looking forward to implementing some of these ideas related to computer accessories in my own workspace!


    Thank you for this comprehensive guide related tocomputer accessories to supercharging productivity at the desk. I’ve already implemented several of these tips and have seen a positive change in my work habits.

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