7 Surprising Standing Desks Benefits

7 Surprising Standing Desks Benefits

Like many office workers, you too may suffer from neck pain, wrist strain, or bad posture due to prolonged sitting at your desk job. You may be well aware that the more you spend time sitting, the risk of facing different health issues increases.

While you may be unable to escape your sedentary lifestyle in the office, it doesn't mean you won't be able to avoid such health risks at all.

You may have wondered what could be the solution to this concern. For starters, you don't need intense exercise or cardiovascular events just to reduce half the risk– at the very least. Your best choice should be to prevent sitting for extended periods in the first place, and ergonomic standing desks can be your best companion. A standing desk offers many other health benefits you may be unaware of.

Continue reading to understand the importance of having a good sit-stand desk in your home or office workstation.

What are Standing Desks?

standing desks benefits

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Sitting for prolonged periods daily is a known cause of neck strain, poor blood flow, and even weight gain among office workers. And these multiple health risks are a strong factor in causing poor productivity and efficiency in the workforce. Thankfully, standing desks, a type of office furniture, have been developed to balance workers' sitting and standing positions.

A standing desk is a dynamic and effective addition to your occupational ergonomics. Utilizing these desks spells a comfortable transition between sitting and standing throughout the day. So even without much physical activity at work, you still get the benefits of a standing posture occasionally.

These desks are versatile enough to let you shift from sitting or standing anytime without compromising your work rate and quality.

Stand-up desks are effective due to their ergonomic features. Most are height-adjustable desks with manual control or electronic configuration for smoother shifting to your desired height. These help you get accustomed to balanced time standing and reduced sitting time. Ideally, you could complement your sit-stand desk with an ergonomic chair and an anti-fatigue mat for maximum comfort.

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Benefits of Standing Desks

Sit-stand desks are becoming more and more popular these days. Whether working in a home or a traditional office setting, standing desks are a great integration for better productivity. Here are seven benefits of a stand-up desk to help explain all the rage about it in the new work culture.

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1. Boosts Energy Level 

You may agree that sitting for long periods can sometimes feel more tiring (and boring) than standing doing your work despite spending less energy. This is because prolonged sitting time results in muscle inactivity that reduces your focus and alertness. Compared to using a standing desk, where you'll get to stretch your leg muscles and achieve better blood flow, which helps raise your alertness at work.

Studies made by US researchers yielded 87% of responses from office workers saying they felt more energized within just an hour of working on their feet. Also, many studies recommend regular standing work when feeling sluggish to regain lost energy and enthusiasm.

2. Improves Work Disposition and Vigor

Your stationary sitting work setup has a lot to do with you feeling uninterested in a task due to an unalert body. One of the more common standing desk benefits is burning more calories while working on your feet, which raises energy levels.

A recent study concluded that subjects experienced "improved vitality in work" using sit-stand desks. Researchers determined that due to standing regularly, subjects achieved better interest in finishing their tasks.

3. Helps With Proper Wrist Positioning

Stress and strain on your wrist can significantly affect your productivity. You begin to slow down when you feel pain in your arm joints. With height-adjustable desks, you can position your wrist properly and avoid causing stress in just a few hours of sitting. Configuring your desk's right height results in better ergonomics, whether seated or standing.

4. Improves Health and Physical Well-Being

In the 2011 "Take-A-Stand Project," an intervention on 24 office workers was made by providing them with a sit-stand desk. The intervention garnered a 75% response claiming they felt healthier within four weeks of using a standing desk.

benefits of standing desks

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Improves Blood Circulation

Among the benefits of standing involves better blood circulation. The chance to stretch your body muscles while standing helps your blood to circulate more naturally. Your standing blood movement is significantly less restricted compared to being seated. Knowingly, healthy blood movement results in many other health benefits.

Burns Calories

Who wouldn't want to burn calories while just working in the office? While this may sound unrealistic (or even impossible, perhaps), this is really one benefit that standing desks provide. In fact, a good three hours of standing each day will significantly improve more calories burned and prevent higher risks of weight gain.

Achieves Better Posture

Sitting can make you more prone to curbing your back. You can avoid this usual case by working on your feet since you can straighten your whole body. When you add regular standing in a workday, you develop a habit that decompresses your spine and promotes your straight posture, preventing neck pain too.

Reduces Back Pain

Standing desks are ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue while working. Once you regularly stand, you maintain an upright body position allowing effective weight shifting that reduces stress and pressure from your back. The "Take-A-Stand Project" showed that the participants spending an average of 66 minutes a day standing felt 54% reduced neck and upper back pain.

Maintains Lower Blood Sugar Levels

A blood sugar spike can relate to the vulnerability of developing type 2 diabetes, especially among fatty people. One study from 23 overweight office employees showed blood sugar spikes are reduced by 11.1% when alternating sitting and standing every 30 minutes.

Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

It is a common belief that prolonged sitting time regularly may develop risks of heart-related diseases. Standing more often at work can protect your heart from developing cardiovascular anomalies. Unlike being sedentary, using standing desks ensures that you get physical activity occasionally.

5. Improves Focus and Mood

Once you get more mobile, you also gain improved alertness in things you do. Sometimes, you feel more tired and less interested whenever you're stuck in your chair despite spending less energy. Standing more often helps keep your muscles active, waking your senses. Additionally, when your blood circulates well, you tend to be more awake and have a lighter mood.

6. Elevate Work Engagement and Collaboration

A good mood makes you take things more lightly, and when you feel alive, you can be in your most engaged state. Perhaps it is easily observed that an office full of seated workers is more likely to be boring, while a workplace with more physical activity bears more active collaboration.

Indeed, compared to being confined to your work desk alone, standing can spark better conversations among your coworkers.

7. Boost Productivity

Considering all these benefits mentioned, one conclusion can easily be drawn– standing desks boost productivity. The main drawback of sitting for too long compromises the workers' ability to be on top of their game. This issue can be resolved using a standing desk that guarantees a few health benefits and ensures that workers are alert, focused, engaged, and more active throughout the workday.

Top 5 Best Standing Desks You Can Get Your Hands On

The integration of standing desks in the workplace is a revolutionary movement currently happening across offices. These ergonomic types of furniture have earned a name for themselves due to the significant health benefits and efficiency they result in.

Here are the top five best standing desks you can buy on Amazon to experience what this popular trend is all about.

1.55x28 Inch Electric Adjustable Sit to Stand Desk

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Many standing desks are built with electric height adjustment for convenience and fluid transition. This Monomi Standing Desk elevates your experience by integrating an anti-collision sensor to avoid scratches from bumping your top panel. Also, this standing desk comprises industrial T-shaped steel legs and solid wood panels for sturdiness and solid weight capacity.

You can count on this versatile desk to carry your desk essentials, and it is spacious enough for two computer monitors and a laptop all at once. It has a maximum weight capacity of 188 lbs and a max height reaching 45.7 inches– with excellent legroom.


  • More features at a lower price
  • With anti-collision sensor to avoid bump scratches
  • Has five color choices
  • Electrical height adjustment


  • Heavy
  • Poor stability due to wheelbase

2. Azonanor Standing Desk

A smart control panel installed on the edge of the sit-stand desk from Costway displays the current height and manages the workspace. The control panel allows you to adjust the table height from 28 to 46.5 inches as well as set up two memory position presets. The 55x28 Electric Adjustable Sit to Stand Desk is good for your health because it offers a wide range of sitting and standing positions.


  • Allows for presets
  • Height-adjustable for standing
  • Accessible control panel


  • Limited to 2 presets
  • Expensive

3. Vari Electric Standing Desk

Vari Electric Standing Desk

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Modern industrial and minimalist looks are a well-sought appeal for a standing desk. Such functional simplicity is best suited for people who prefer a tidy yet optimal workstation. Making the cut is the Vari Electric Standing Desk that maintains clean aesthetics without compromising the needed features of a good standing desk. It guarantees wide legroom and a steady T-shaped steel base for added stability.

Despite its minimalist build, this Vari desk can rise to 50.5 inches– a few inches taller than most competitors. The company also offers two sizes you can choose from to suit your desk needs best. Another bonus comes from the product's 5-year warranty that replaces the whole product, not just its parts.


  • Can adjust up to 50.5 inches max-height
  • Has two size choices and five color options
  • With 5-year warranty
  • Electrical height adjustment


  • A bit pricey
  • No anti-collision sensor

4. HUANUO Quick Sit-to-Stand Desktop Gas Spring Riser

HUANUO Quick Sit-to-Stand

Photo: https://twitter.com/AllanWilsonRRM/status/1174407376075538432/photo/1

Landing a place in the top 5 is this space-saving sit and stand desk with dual-tier top panels. An affordable choice with the basic essentials of a good desk, HUANUO Quick Sit-to-Stand Desktop offers a different approach to the ordinary standing desk.

This product sports a gas spring adjustable panel to accommodate your sitting and standing positions. The lower-tier panel holds your keyboard for more comfortable wrist positioning. While compact, this desk can still carry two computer monitors side by side, and a built-in gadget groove sits perfectly in holding your tablet or phone.


  • 2-tier large workstation
  • Inexpensive
  • With built-in tablet and phone groove
  • Space saving
  • Stable base


  • Not enough legroom
  • Gas spring height adjustment
  • Only available in black color

5. SIDUCAL Mobile Stand-up Desk

SIDUCAL Mobile Stand-up Desk

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For lighter desk work, you might want to look for a more portable standing desk you can carry around the house or office conveniently. The SIDUCAL Mobile Stand-up Desk is perfect for office workers fond of moving from one corner to another for comfort and maximum productivity. Due to its lightweight property and wheelbase, you can easily move this mobile desk to your balcony, porch, and garden.


  • Affordable
  • With five different color options
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Manual height adjustment
  • Poor stability

Guide On How to Use Standing Desks Correctly

Contrary to a traditional desk riser, standing desks offer a more versatile function to relieve you from the usual fatigue and human body pain due to overly sitting throughout the day. However, it would be best if you use them correctly to achieve their optimal function.

Here are some pointers to guide you with the proper stand desk usage.

1. Adjust the Desk To Your Elbow’s Height

Configure the right height of your desk by aligning it to your elbow– positioned at 90 degrees. Make sure your forearms are parallel to the desk panel for maximum comfort.

2. Keep Your Wrists Straight

Proper wrist position reduces overall fatigue and arm stress. Ensure that your wrists are not poorly laid or in a compromising position. A straight wrist position helps reduce shoulder pressure too. Make sure you also have the proper keyboard position to allow your wrist to rest comfortably.

3. Always Observe Your Posture

Always observe an upright body position, whether you are sitting or standing. To guarantee this, configure the height of your standing desk to your ergonomic chair when seated and adjust its height so that you won't look down or up at your monitor. The right posture can be achieved when you stare straight at your monitor, your arms are properly positioned, and your back is not curbed.

You can maximize the comfort and ergonomics of your work setup if you also purchase complementary products for your desk. A quality ergonomic chair with a wheelbase for convenient movement, an anti-fatigue mat supporting your feet, and additional lumbar pillows for your back will get you further.

You must understand how the benefits of a standing desk are achieved. Not because you have one doesn't mean the benefits are automatic. You must develop a habit and work routine to balance your sitting and standing posture for your ergonomic desk to matter.

Take A Stand Today

A revolution is happening in the current work culture, and you need to take a stand today (literally). With the advent of work-at-home setup and the enduring of traditional office work, it's high time that you take control of your mental health and prevent higher risks your sedentary lifestyle may pose.

Standing desks have become a phenomenon due to their tremendous benefits and practicality. They proved that a healthy lifestyle could be extended into the office environment with just a simple piece of furniture. Grab yours now and make your workstation arsenal more versatile and health-conscious.

Consider all the tips discussed to start building your own home or office setup. Remember to choose the type of standing desk related to your work nature and rate. For a more personalized experience, visit our website at Dynamic Setups, and we’ll help you! Also, please feel free to comment below. We love hearing from you!

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