Perfect Tips to Recreate Desk Setups in Famous Movies and TV

Perfect Tips to Recreate Desk Setups in Famous Movies and TV

recreating desk setups on movies and tv

Are you thinking about how you could improve your working experience with your home desk setup? Organizing your desk is essential for getting things done and achieving a better work-life balance.

However, finding the best desk for your workspace is daunting. Don't worry; this guide can supply the tips you need to recreate desk setups from popular films and television series. Read on to learn more!

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What You Need for Your Home Desk Setup

Productive Home Office Infographics

If you intend to set up a home office, you should consider the available space and equipment. The following ideas can assist you in defining what you require for your personal home office desk setup.


If you want to work from home, consider your room availability. While a standing desk and office chair might all fit in a very small room, two desks would be more than enough space for most people.


Determine how much storage space is needed for your equipment and supplies. If it's difficult to find things when needed, having extra storage space can make things easier.


An office chair is the key to creating a productive work environment. You can use an adjustable chair with casters to move it around easily. In addition to this, you may want to invest in a special ergonomic desk chair.

Work Surface

This surface area is the topmost piece of furniture in the home office setup. You need a surface that can support your office-related items. It must have a weight capacity that can stand against daily wear and tear.

Computer Hardware

Hardware is the heart of any office and should be well-maintained and upgraded regularly. This hardware includes the desktop computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse, sound system, printer, scanner, and other devices.

5 Desk Setups from Famous Movies and TV Shows

1. Her

Her film desk setup / workspace

As Theodore Twombly plays in the film Her, his workspace simplifies how light is arranged on the desk. Some desk scenes like this one even had color added with LEDs.

When combined with complementary clothing, walls, and lighting, it can help you achieve the sophisticated style you've been going for.

A modern home office setup is all about having the right furniture combination. The best desks can be easily converted into loungers or swivel chairs when necessary.

Neo-modern corner desks come in a wide variety of styles and designs, though most are based on a rectangular shape. This means they can be used to accommodate laptops, tablets, books, monitors, speakers, and other desk accessories.

This home desk setup is a perfect example of a simple yet elegant setup with neutral colors that may go well with anyone's style. It offers users an ergonomic work surface ideal for writing reports or doing business-related tasks such as reading financial reports or reviewing marketing plans.

First, it's best to settle on a basic color scheme that may be used in your professional and personal spaces. Choosing two or three colors that might work well together is a good start. If you're starting to learn about color, you probably shouldn't jump into something too complex.

If you're into ergonomic design, pick sleek lines, geometric shapes, and sleek materials that give off an air of sophistication around you.

2. Devil Wears Prada

Devil Wears Prada film desk setup / workspace

The Devil Wears Prada character Miranda Priestly has an open workspace at her desk. This arrangement gives her plenty of room for sitting and standing while working without having to pull obstructions out of the way frequently.

The sharp minimalism of this setup makes it perfect for people who want to keep their workspace neat and organized.

This home desk setup may work well in any room because it's simple. It also has enough contrast to make it look good in different rooms. The combination of white space and stark contrasts may help you organize your work area, so you don't get distracted by clutter.

Generally, the first step in creating this ergonomic setup is to organize the desk. Decide where everything may go, how much area you want between items, and whether or not you need anything on the floor. You may put away your pens and paper clips when they're not in use.

Next, choose a desk lamp that's small enough to fit under the work surface but provides enough light to see what you're doing. If possible, look for one with adjustable arms so that it can be adjusted based on the height of your desktop.

This desk setup can give you a clue if you value a meditative aura. Choose an open area in your home and recreate this station. This is the perfect place to draw your thoughts, brainstorm ideas, or think aloud while drinking your coffee.

3. Zero Dark Thirty

Zero Dark Thirty movie workspace / desk setup

Maya, a CIA intelligence analyst, can be observed at this desk setting surrounded by shades of darkness. The film was required to shoot every scene in near-complete darkness.

If you're the type to enjoy black as a neutral color, then recreating this desk setup favors you.

Your home desk setup may be more professional and organized, especially if you have a black desk. Placing an office light behind your desk can create a shadow and make your workspace look more organized than ever. You can easily see your work and the items you need to work on. Importantly, it can give off a cool look to your office because of its dark color.

The capacity to lessen the amount of light entering the space is typical for a dark room. Users are not distracted by bright lights or other items that may irritate them while working.

Another benefit of having a dark room is that it can help increase productivity and concentration levels. A dark room also has some physical benefits for those who work at desks all day long, including improved eye health, lower blood pressure, and even lower cholesterol levels.

You can easily organize all the files and documents you need to work with, as they may be visible. It may be convenient for you to keep track of everything happening around the office, as there are no distractions from light.

To create a peaceful location in your home office so you can unwind after a long day of work, think about setting up in a dark room with a desk.

4. The Office

The Office movie workspace / desk setup

In this TV series, The Office, the desk setup is a typical busy place. The work environment is fast-paced. People are moving around constantly, making phone calls, taking meetings, brainstorming ideas, and even standing on the tabletop.

The typical office has many people who need to meet in a limited space. This means that the workstations are often crowded with people focused on their tasks.

However, you can recreate this ergonomic home desk setup according to your needs and what kind of meeting you want to hold most often.

If you value multi-tasking, you can typically arrange around an open area with high ceilings and windows. This setup can let you see what everyone else is doing while working. It can keep everyone focused on their work instead of distracted by others.

Create a space for everyone to sit, stand, and move around. This is crucial for your new office's first few days. If you have only one office chair in your room, people may never be comfortable sitting down for long periods.

If you have no window in your office and need sunlight during the day, look into purchasing some large floor lamps. You can also purchase light fixtures with adjustable bases so that you can position them anywhere inside your office without having to worry about blocking any windows or doors.

If you are looking to recreate a typical busy office, you need to understand how to find the perfect desks.

5. Mom

Mom TV series home desk setup

In the TV series Mom scene, you can spot desk furniture with a minimalist design.

There are various ways to recreate a home desk setup. The simplest strategy is to adhere to the essentials and keep your workstation's original appearance. You can also include a few extras, such as a shelf or filing cabinet.

There is nothing wrong with having a plain desk setup, but wooden desk furniture is the way to go if you want to achieve elegance and attention to detail. Your office's woodwork is what counts most, so why not make it look great?

First, it is sturdy and durable; this means it can last longer than other materials, such as metal or plastic.

Because your desk is easy to keep and clean, you might not have to worry about coffee spills or messes spoiling its aesthetic appeal.

And last, wooden desks are frequently affordable, which makes them a wise choice if you're on a tight budget.

Surely, the wooden desk setup is a classic that never goes out of style. It has the look of a professional design.

A traditional home desk setup consists of four legs for support and two drawers beneath the surface area. Additionally, smaller workspaces might be only one drawer, but larger ones can feature a second set of drawers under the surface area.

A wooden desk is an excellent choice if you're looking for a simple way to get organized.

5 Best Desks for Your Setup

1. Direction Bamboo Desk

Presenting to you is the best electric stand-up desk for health and productivity. This Direction Bamboo Desk accommodates different heights and preferences with its industry-leading height adjustment from 24" to 50.5". The anti-collision safety mechanism and one-touch make modifications simple. 

This desk holds 220 pounds of gear. Its 10-minute setup saves time. Customize your desk with various base and top colors to match your home office or corporate workplace. This electric stand-up desk will improve your health and productivity.


  • Eco-Friendly
  • Natural Looking
  • Adjustable Height


  • Restricted Color Options
  • Requires Maintenance

2. Direction Laminate Desk

The Direction Laminate Desk is now available as a sturdy and adaptable option. Unlike cheaper electric standing desk frames that break down frequently, this desk is built to last. You may believe in its durability because it has a money-back warranty if it doesn't work properly for five years or more.

Easily adjust the height from 24" to 50.5" at the touch of a button, and rest easy knowing the anti-collision safety mechanism and 220 lb. weight capability. You can pick from various bases and top colors to find the perfect match for your private or professional space. This electric stand-up desk is the best way to incorporate wellness into your daily routine while still looking great and lasting a long time.


  • One-Touch Features
  • Adjustable Height
  • Anti-Collision Safety Mechanism


  • Limited Weight Capacity
  • Possible Noise
  • Costly

3. 55 x 28 Inch Electric Adjustable Sit To Stand Desk With USB Port

The 55 x 28 Inch Electric Adjustable Sit To Stand Desk With USB Port can serve many purposes and is good for your health at the same time. Desk height may be adjusted from 28" to 46.5" using the simple control panel at a rate of 1" per second, facilitating a natural change in posture between sitting and standing. 

This height-adjustable sit-to-stand desk's control panel includes a lock and an unlock button for additional security and convenience. You may set up many computers on the 55" x 28" desk without stumbling over cables. An anti-collision device and a USB charging port are convenient extras. Also included are a cable management tray, a hook for hanging headphones, and an open storage area.


  • Adjustable Height
  • USB Port
  • Spacious 


  • Time-Consuming in Assembly
  • Motor Noise
  • Limited Color Choices

4. Direction Executive Desk

The Direction Executive Desk may be adjusted to meet your needs regarding aesthetics, ergonomics, and practicality. You and your guests will have plenty of room to spread out on this modern, welcoming L-shaped desk. The return of the desk serves as shelving and a safe place to keep personal items. 

The built-in drawer provides a place to stash often-used items like keys, a wallet, and a phone. The desk's modesty curtains keep it tidy by hiding signs of personal clutter. The Direction Executive Desk exemplifies the successful marriage of design and function with its two floor-mounted legs and one return-mounted leg.


  • Aesthetic Looking
  • Cable Management
  • Sturdy


  • Pricey
  • Space Consuming
  • Limited Personalization

5. Coavas

Video: Review of Coavas Writing Computer Desk

A desk from a TV show can always pique one's interest because of its ability to add a fashionable touch to a scenario in a room. If this may be the case, recreating the desk setup from the show Mom is a cool idea.

A brown computer desk with two drawers on the side is among Coavas' furnishings. With the entire pulley extension guides, it's a breeze to pull. The drawers have brakes installed, so they can't be pushed out.

It is constructed from walnut-colored Medium Density Fiberboard that's been given a waterproof imitation wood veneer finish. In most cases, you can wipe this down with a damp cloth because of the easy-to-clean nature of the materials used.

This simple and stable writing desk has an open back that makes it easy to support connections and cables. Its timeless elegance makes it a welcome addition to any setting.

If you love decorating your home how you appreciate it, the vintage vibe of Coava can improve your working-from-home experience.


  • Sturdy and has beautiful color
  • It can fit any corner of the room
  • The price matches the build quality


  • It is difficult to assemble
  • Instruction can be confusing
  • The legs can cause scratches on the floor

Desk vs. Table for Home Office

There are many ways to organize your home office. One of the most popular options is a desk for sitting and working. A adjustable standing desk is perfect if you have a large office.

While desks are great for sitting down and working, they can be impractical for small spaces. They're also bulky and require space for storage. On the other hand, a table lets you do your work whenever and wherever needed.

desk and table for home office

Tips on How to Recreate Your Desk Setup

Your desk setup reflects your personality, work habits, and sense of style. If you're looking to improve your workspace, here are some helpful tips that can help you recreate your desk setup.

Move The Bookshelf Closer to the Desk

They take up much room and aren't very useful when stacked against the wall. You may consider placing them under your monitor or on top of a filing cabinet.

Use a Work Surface That Fits Your Needs

A desk might be the way to go if you need a large surface area. A smaller desk might be best if you have a small space and need to stand and stretch throughout the day.

Create Storage Space Where Necessary

Use drawers underneath, so all your office supplies stay neatly organized while they wait their turn. Vertically place file cabinets on top of the desk to make everything easily accessible.


The ideal setup of your desk depends on your personal style and preferences. A clear workspace makes it easier for others to collaborate with you and helps everyone stay focused on their tasks.

If you want an L-shaped desk setup for space efficiency, try Bush Furniture Key West. But when a metal and glass desk setup appeals to your senses as stylish and sturdy, Walker Edison may suit you great. You can check out the furniture we have for you on Dynamic Setups.

Tired of your old desk setup? If so, recreating it is one of the best things you can do to make it feel new again. Your dream workstation can become reality with the help of this guide!

Please share your thoughts and opinions about these great desk setups in the comments section below. Good luck!


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