Top 5 Incredibly Modern Home Office Desk Setups

Top 5 Incredibly Modern Home Office Desk Setups

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Do you ever feel like you're working in a cluttered and unorganized environment? Maybe your modern home office desk is full of papers, old coffee cups, or an assortment of knick-knacks that don't really serve any purpose and take up most of your table storage.

If this sounds like you, it might be time to invest in modern work from home setups, like a table or desk with drawers for your filing and storage that will help you stay organized, free from stress, and productive.

Now that work-from-home jobs are common, it’s important that you keep your workspace and modern home office desk as clean and conducive to a work environment as possible. This blog post will share some of our favorite modern desk setups for optimal productivity. We hope you find this list helpful. Let’s get started.

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1. Standing Desk Setup

Standing Desk Setup

There are many desk styles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for an l-shaped desk, a writing desk, a wood desk, or a glass one, they all serve a purpose.

But, the first one on our list is a standing desk setup. It is a unique home office inspiration, ideal for people who enjoy standing to stretch. If you don’t know, standing desks contain several benefits that can help improve your lifestyle. For one, it can help improve your productivity and organization skills.

The British Medical Journal published a study discussing workers with a sedentary lifestyle who benefited from using standing desks as their tables in their home office. According to the research, these people experienced an improved engagement with their work while also decreasing the musculoskeletal problems they encountered.

Aside from improved productivity, standing office desks can reduce your back pain risk, especially after working hours. In addition, these tables can also help improve your posture, allowing you to do intermittent standing exercises.

Intermittent standing for short periods can help boost your energy level and give your leg a stretch, so you won’t have to feel sleepy while working.

If you’re looking for ideas on what equipment to choose for your standing office desk setup that has a modern style and gives you more leg storage, check out our top suggestions:


This is a stylish and practical desk that mixes form and function. Its natural wood design and texture make your office feel more homey and comfortable. The  Direction Desk Butcher Block Desk’s modern simplicity and sleek silhouette make it an ideal addition to any space. They can be used in various settings, from traditional to modern. 

Also, this desk will help you turn your office into a stimulating and productive space.


Here’s the LG 27MD5KL-B, a 27 inches UltaFine 5k Monitor that will blow your mind with its excellent resolution and vivid colors. Professionals like you can benefit from LG 27MD5KL-B’s screen due to its high-quality resolution, vivid colors, and cutting-edge features. 

You may get comfortable viewing angles and relieve pressure on your neck and eyes by adjusting the monitor's stand's height, tilt, and pivot. This also provides a breathtaking visual experience that will impress professionals and tech enthusiasts.


The Dell UlraSharp U2722D 27-inch Monitor is a technological powerhouse with a modern, stylish style. This monitor is an excellent option due to its superior picture quality, accurate colors, and simple setup. 

Dell UlraSharp U2722D’s slim profile and borderless display are great for setups with several monitors. Its sleek and discreet design makes it a perfect home or commercial workplace. You can count on superior performance, excellent images, and a wide range of connection choices from this monitor. 

Kinesis Freestyle Ergonomic Keyboard

Kinesis Freestyle Ergonomic Keyboard features a split 2-piece keyboard design. This lets you place your hands comfortably, preventing strain and fatigue. Since it’s also a wireless keyboard, you can readily connect it to your monitor via Bluetooth.

Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse

The best thing about the Logitech MX Master 3 wireless mouse is its ergonomic, comfortable thumb rest. It also comes with a thumb scroll wheel, allowing you to scroll quickly and easily.  Thanks to the ergonomic thumb rest, you won’t feel strained, especially when editing photos or videos the whole day.

2. The Space Saver Setup​​

The Space Saver Setup

The space-saver setup is perfect for individuals who need various equipment to work efficiently at home. These can include more than one laptop, a mouse, a notepad, a pen, and more on your table surface.

When you are that person, you can try to save your storage or table space by utilizing the wall’s vertical space, especially when your modern home office desk is pushed against it.

A useful organization tip would be taking advantage of your room’s corner walls, where you can store small things like your pens, cables, and more for functionality. It also helps when your setup is pushed against a wall, so it’s easy to attach shelves and stands that could add a stylish wall surface.

To help you create the best space-saver setup for your home office, try getting these helpful materials for a good price listed below:


This cutting-edge desk gives you the best ergonomic experience possible by fusing convenience, elegance, and functionality. This desk is made to increase your productivity and well-being, whether studying, working from home, or engaging in creative pursuits.

With the instructions and all the required hardware provided, assembling the desk is a breeze. Adjustable leveling feet guarantee stability on any flooring type and give your work a strong base. The 55 x 28 Inch Electric Adjustable Sit-to-Stand Desk with USB Port - Natural lets you benefit from an ergonomic workspace. 


The ASUS L210 is one of the bestselling mini-laptops, ideal for home offices. It’s affordable price and features a portable size you can place on your work table or modern home office desk. This mini-laptop also comes with USB-C and Type-A ports, an HDMI out port, and a microSD card slot.

Additionally, this laptop comes with a 1080p resolution and an 11.6-inch display. This could help shape your workstation and give it more style.

Logitech M650 Wireless Mouse

The Logitech M650 Wireless Mouse is a compact mouse, perfect for small home offices, and would definitely look good when placed on top of your modern home office desk. It can fit anywhere on your table and comes with silent touch technology, making your mouse clicks quieter and smoother.

LG Gram 16

Even though LG Gram 16 is relatively big compared to other available mini-laptop choices, you will love how the sleek style and how portable this laptop is. It’s lightweight regardless that it’s 16 inches and contains amazing features you would need in a home office.

Such features include a touch sign-in, USB Type-A ports, and a single microSD card slot. This would go perfectly when placed on top of a wood desk.

Lexi Soft Pad Office Chair

The Lexi Soft Pad Office Chair is by far our most modern office furniture option. In addition, it’s also compact and lightweight, ideal for your space-saver setup. This office chair is adjustable and features comfortable back support and a headrest.

3. Ergonomic Modern Home Office Desk Setup

Ergonomic Modern Home Office Desk Setup

Even when you are working from home, with all the sitting and staring at your computer, you should still consider your health and well-being. The ergonomic home office setup ensures you maintain a good posture without hurting your back and gives more storage for your leg to stretch.

Normally, ergonomically setting up your workspace at home requires a standing desk you can easily push back against the wall. You should also remember to get an ergonomic chair with proper back support and headrest.

This allows you to relax and stay comfortable while working to save you from back pains.

In addition, the space underneath your standing desk can be where you can place your printer that is connected to your computer. You can also convert this setup for gaming. To add more style, simply add textured panels to your walls and light strips to change the ambiance of your workspace.

To set up an ergonomic home office like this, be sure to check out the following equipment:

SmartPro Desk

The SmartPro Desk is the best standing office desk you can get for this setup. Its height is fully adjustable, so you can use it whether sitting or standing. You will also love the extra space underneath, which is ideal for storing your home office essentials.


With the Direction Desk Bamboo Desk in size 60x30, you may enjoy the ideal fusion of style, sustainability, and usefulness. The Direction Desk Bamboo Desk's ergonomic design is one of its best qualities. Your posture will improve due to the desk height being adjusted for a comfortable and healthy working position, lessening the strain on your neck and back.

The desk's generous 60x30-inch tabletop offers enough room for your office necessities. This desk provides ample space to keep everything organized and handy, from your computer and monitor setup to notebooks, paperwork, and decor. Enhance the look and functionality of your workstation with the Direction Desk Bamboo Desk in 60x30.


The minimal panel is simple to install and attaches easily to your direction desk. The mounting brackets and hardware are supplied, guaranteeing a tight fit that keeps the panel in place throughout your working day. When necessary, the clever design also enables rapid removal or repositioning.

In addition to being practical, the Direction Desk Modesty Panel Felt is also environmentally sustainable. Since recycled fibers create the felt, it is a sustainable material choice supporting your environmental ideals. By choosing this item, you help to promote a greener workplace and lessen waste.

Logitech Ergo K860

The Logitech Ergo K860 is one of the best ergonomic keyboards to support wrists. It features a split curved design that elevates the keyboard on the front and back ends. This design allows hands to stay comfortable and rest naturally in their position while typing. It’s also wireless and can work on various platforms.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard features a reverse tilt design to support your fingers while typing. It also helps keep your wrists in a comfortable neutral position. The keyboard’s curved and cushioned palm rest reduces hand fatigue while working.

4. Battle Station Setup

Battle Station Setup

A battle station setup is perfect for videographers, gamers, YouTubers, and anyone who edits and records videos for work. Their desk normally features a monitor, another laptop, good minimalist lighting, microphones, and additional cameras.

Especially when your goal is to record, you need more than 1 lighting to ensure you’re creating quality and clear videos for a customer or client.

For the best light setup, try looking for affordable yet durable softboxes. Generally, softboxes can perfectly emulate natural lighting reflecting from your windows.

Aside from softboxes, ring lights are also good light sources often used by YouTubers. They are affordable and help eliminate shadows so that the camera focuses on you. Another advantage of ring lights is their ability to make you look attractive when taking a video.

A good battle station setup should have all the right equipment, appliances, and furniture in place. Before buying, you should also consider the materials used, such as tempered glass and the latest manufacturing trends. And to help you out and give you ideas, here are our top suggestions:

Fovitec Fluorescent Softbox

The Fovitec Fluorescent Softbox is best known for its adjustable features and lightweight construction. It also comes with a carrying case when purchasing, making it easy to keep them when not in use.

Blue Snowball Ice Plug USB Microphone

Customers love Blue Snowball Ice Plug USB Microphone because it’s easily adjustable, regardless of where you place it on your modern home office desk or writing desk. You can also position it anywhere near your desktop. This microphone comes in two colors: black and white.


This chair is expertly made to meet the requirements of both office workers and gamers, providing optimum support and unmatched comfort throughout those long hours of work or play. This ergonomic chair ensures excellent lumbar support and encourages good sitting posture. 

With the EWIN Knight Series Ergonomic Office/Gaming Chair - KTB, you can upgrade your office or gaming setup and enter a world of comfort and style. Experience the ideal fusion of customization, durability, and support. Today, improve your seating experience.

Kensington Orbit Wireless Mouse

When you’re a videographer or a photographer, you will spend most of your time on a computer, editing and using your mouse. You need to protect your wrist, and the best way to do that is to get this ergonomic Kensington Orbit Wireless Mouse. It’s sleek and features a scroll ring, so you can easily scroll through images and videos on your monitor free from any inconveniences.

LG 38BN95C-W 38 INCH

To satisfy the needs of professionals and enthusiasts, this monitor offers superb image quality, a large display, and various connecting choices.

Your field of vision is completely encircled by the monitor's curved design, making for a more immersive and cozy viewing experience. By ensuring that every area of the screen is freely accessible, this curvature increases both your overall productivity and enjoyment by removing the need to move your eyes continuously. 

The LG 38BN95C-W 38-Inch Ultrawide QHD+ IPS Curved Monitor with ThunderboltTM 3 Connectivity will improve your viewing experience. Enjoy seamless connectivity, take in spectacular graphics, and boost your productivity.

5. Home Office with LED Setup

Home Office with LED Setup

A home office with LED lights is perfect when your job requires you to work late at night. The LED lights add to your total ambiance and help maintain your focus while working. Additionally, the stylish lights also promote a serene working environment, combine them with your favorite playlist, and you’re good.

This work-from-home setup is great for late-night DJs, so they can get in the mood and feel like they are working in the studio, even if you’re just working in your living room. Additionally, you can add LED light strips and place them behind your monitor or computer.

They create a unique back glow which can also help lower your eye strain, especially when you’re on your screen for hours.

This home office inspiration is also an ideal gaming setup to help set the mood and improve your comfort while engaging in online games. If you’re planning to get inspiration from this setup, the following equipment and materials are perfect:


You can efficiently illuminate your area, eliminate shadows, and highlight your topic with breathtaking clarity with an output of up to 800 lumens. With the help of the dimming function, you can adjust the brightness to your liking and provide lighting for your streams and films of a professional caliber.

The Logitech Litra Glow Premium LED Streaming Light will enhance your streaming setup and elevate your content. Using high-quality lighting solutions, you may unleash your creativity, improve your visual presence, and grab visitors' attention. Brighten up your streaming experience right now.

OHLUX Smart Light Bulbs

These OHLUX Smart Light Bulbs are ideal for this setup because of their multi-color brightness. And because they are smart, you can connect them to your home’s WiFi and easily control these bulbs with your phones as remote controls.

Art3d Textured Wall Panels

Art3d Textured wall panels work great in bouncing the light back from your LED light strips to your desk. They also add to your setup’s vibe, making it look cooler and stylish. With colors ranging from matte black, blue, grey, and white, gamers who work from home love installing these textured wall panels for a productive mood.

Smart Galaxy Projector Light

For an affordable price, Galaxy projector lights can perfectly reflect your LED light strips to scatter the colors throughout your room. Because it’s smart, projector lights are easily controllable with your device.

Putting this adds style to your workstation, making your environment more workable.


The Logitech Z407 speakers offer a dynamic audio configuration that fills your room with rich and lively sound. Your music, movies, and video games will sound more impactful and have more depth thanks to the subwoofer's deep bass, while the satellite speakers will provide crisp, clear high, and midrange frequencies.

The speakers' small size makes placing them on a desk or shelf simple while still getting high-quality audio. The Logitech Z407 Bluetooth Computer Speakers with Subwoofer and Wireless Control will enhance your audio enjoyment and bring your entertainment to life. Improve your audio setup right now.

Work from Home with Maximum Productivity

Work from Home with Maximum Productivity

Although it may seem trivial, having an organized and clean home office desk can help improve your productivity and workflow. Not only will you find what you need quicker, but you’re also less likely to become overwhelmed by a cluttered space by giving you more storage for your file needs, essentials, and many more.

Related to improving your productivity and mood, it would also help if you add different decor like rugs, pillows, and outdoor plants to make your space attractive.

If you work long hours, the Uplift desk will surely benefit you healthwise, and this Ergonomic Office Chair will protect your posture and prevents you from slouching and hurting your back even more.

Do you work from home and have limited space? If you want to increase your productivity and storage, visit our website today! We will gladly help you make the most of the space you have.

How's your work from home experience? What did you do to make your home an appropriate workplace? Let us know in the comments below!

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