Which Monitors Are the Best for Gaming?

Which Monitors Are the Best for Gaming?

Picking an ideal gaming monitor is important for your PC gaming setup. However, you'd need to factor in the games you're playing to find the right monitor.

In this article, you’ll learn which monitors best suit gaming and what features they have for the user. Before proceeding to the list of monitors worth purchasing for your gaming setup, you'll learn the benefits of having a gaming monitor. So, keep reading!

An Overview of Gaming Monitors

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For first-timers, gaming monitors adjust your graphics card and CPU's outputs to provide good visuals while you play a game. The gaming monitor is responsible for displaying the result of your computer's graphics rendering capabilities. However, the output can vary in color, motion, and image quality.

Benefits of a Gaming Monitor for Your PC

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A gaming monitor has many advantages compared to a basic display or TV. We'll cover their advantages one by one in a summarized format. You'd be convinced to buy a new monitor for games once you get to know the perks of owning one.

Here are the advantages as listed:

Higher Refresh Rates

To those unfamiliar with the term, refresh rates define how often a monitor will display new images on the screen per second. The visuals become smoother if your monitor has a high refresh rate.

All the displays these days are designed to handle high refresh rates resulting in smooth and clear visuals. You won't notice any lag in the in-game cutscenes and parts with intense action.

GPU performance

(Source: Make Tech Easier)

This statistical chart shows that a higher refresh rate contributes to more responsive gaming. In this case, in action games such as shooters or battle royale titles, players with a higher refresh rate are shown to score higher than those who use weaker monitors.

The increase in score ranges from 8% to 34% more than their competitors, depending on their graphics card in tandem with a good monitor.

Faster Response Times

Gaming monitors are made to have a low response time. The result is that your actions are presented in real time. You can respond quickly to in-game actions, especially in fighting games where a quick reaction is key to counter enemy moves.

If you're putting up with a laggy game and you can't respond quickly, then you would want to opt for a gaming monitor.

Screen-tearing is Reduced Significantly

Screen-tearing is a visual issue whenever your display doesn't sync with the video feed. Generally, screen-tearing can be a nuisance to players as it can ruin the game's visual quality. The good news is that manufacturers have made their gaming monitors have anti-screen tearing technology. In fact, the best gaming monitor models tend to encounter screen-tearing rarely or not at all.

Better Color Quality

A good computer monitor can present color well. Colors and shading add up to the immersive gaming experience. These displays have a color accuracy that makes every color presented as it should be. Various shades of colors will look vibrant, giving you better visuals.

At the same time, the blacks and dark areas provide the shading to make the bright parts not look overexposed. Color quality is important for the best viewing experience when watching videos or playing games.

Better Ergonomics

The best computer monitor models these days have better ergonomics. Some monitors have features that allow them to be adjustable in viewing height. An adjustable monitor compliments well with a good computer chair. You won't need to bend your back to see the graphics shown on your screen.

Computer Vision Syndrome Prevention

Computer vision syndrome ranges from redness in the eyes to headaches due to prolonged exposure to a computer monitor. And due to that, manufacturers have been taking extra steps to minimize or prevent it. Modern displays would employ technologies that reduce blue light emission significantly, unlike the older models.

For those who are wondering what blue light is. It's visible light with a short wavelength but has high energy. Excess exposure to this light inhibits sleep and harms the eyes.

Blue light in common lamps

(Image source: NCBI and E-Sports Health Care)

Here's an infographic that displays the power spectrums of different light types. Let's focus only on the white LED (in blue) since it has the highest blue light emission at 460 nm. 460 nm is enough to ruin your sleep cycle since blue light, with a power of 446 to 479 nm, inhibits your capability to sleep.

So if you're looking for the best monitors in your home, ideally, you'd want those with blue light emission protection.

Recommended Monitors to Buy

Now that we've covered the benefits of owning a display made for gaming. Let's move on to the part where we'll learn some of the best gaming monitor models you can purchase. You are probably hyped up by now, so let's start covering these computer monitors individually!

1. Dell U2722D Monitor

A 27-inch display with some of the greatest colors on the market is a feature of the Dell U277D monitor. When putting up a multi-monitor configuration, this monitor's practically borderless InfinityEdge and four-sided ultrathin bezel are helpful. The QHD (2560x1440) resolution of the Dell U277D display makes it ideal for playing high-quality games.

Additionally, you may enjoy colors that are true to life thanks to the monitor's 1.07 billion color depth. The U277D's IPS technology also helps to maintain consistent color and image quality. The 27-inch Dell U27DD monitor is fantastic for playing video games because it is quite accurate in terms of color.


  • Great color accuracy
  • High resolution
  • Sleek design 


  • Expensive

2. MNN Portable Monitor 15.6inch FHD 1080P Laptop Monitor

MNN Portable Monitor 15.6inch

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Video: MNN 15.6inch FHD 1080 Laptop Monitor

You're in for a surprise for Item #2, and it's one of the portable monitors. The 15.6-inch Portable Monitor by MNN is a budget option among your best options for gaming. Aside from entertaining games for gaming laptops and PCs, it can also be utilized for console gaming! You get a display with excellent visuals and versatility that offers a lot for its price.

Also, this portable monitor has built-in speakers too; dial controls can be found on the side. Due to its features and device compatibility, this could be the best of its class regarding the best portable monitor model you can buy.


  • Affordable, competitively-priced
  • Portable, easy to bring around
  • Top-notch image quality with a 1080p resolution
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Has USB-C connectivity and HDMI cables for linking up with multiple devices
  • Compatible with plenty of devices, very versatile gaming monitor
  • Handy as a secondary display


  • Only has one aspect ratio/screen size, which is horizontal
  • The refresh rate is on the lower side of the scale at 60Hz

3. ForHelp 15.6 inch Professional FHD Portable Monitor

ForHelp 15 inch Portable Monitor

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Video: ForHelp 15.6" Pro FHD Portable Monitor

Here's another contender for the best monitor that's budget-friendly! This one here is the ForHelp 15.6-inch Portable Monitor. Like the previous entry, it offers the same advantages as a versatile gaming monitor. It's portable, provides excellent color accuracy and quality, is versatile, and is affordable.

Also, it's compatible with various devices through HDMI or USB ports. This allows it to function as a display for console games too.


  • Very versatile and has compatibility with multiple devices
  • Excellent picture quality with a 1080p resolution
  • Portable, easy to bring along to work or when playing console games
  • In terms of computer monitors, it's affordable
  • HDMI & USB C port compatible


  • Not compatible with all USB C-type ports
  • The refresh rate is a bit on the lower side at 60Hz

4. Dell S-Series 27-inch QHD 165Hz (S2721DGF)

Dell 27 inch monitor

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Video: Dell S2721DGF Review

If you're looking for the best, fairly affordable monitors for your gaming PC, the 27-inch S-Series monitor should do wonders. It has a wide color gamut, a refresh rate of 165Hz, and a fast response speed, providing a smooth gaming experience for the user.

While it's not a good choice for playing inside a dark room, the Dell S-Series 27-inch display is a contender for the best monitor due to its overall solid performance.


  • Not too expensive, it's competitively priced for computer monitors
  • Very sleek and gorgeous design
  • A solid refresh rate of 165Hz
  • Has both FreeSync and G Sync compatibility
  • Response time is high; video games don't experience laggy graphics
  • High-resolution visuals at 1440p


  • HDR performance is a bit on the weaker side
  • Contrasts aren't its strongest suit; not suited for gaming in a dark room

5. ASUS 27 inch TUF Gaming VG27VH1B Curved Monitor

ASUS TUF Gaming monitor

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Next up on the list is the TUF Gaming VG27VH1B monitor from ASUS. The curved monitor offers quick response rates to make games run smoothly. It also has FreeSync technology that prevents screen tearing and keeps choppy frames at bay. This monitor has a solid 165Hz rate tailored toward competitive play and immersive gameplay.

The display has notable features, such as a blue light filter to lessen computer vision syndrome and built-in speakers.


  • Excellent color accuracy
  • The resolution brings out the best in display quality
  • It has a high response rate when you play games
  • Has a solid 165Hz refresh rate
  • Has shadow boost technology to lighten up darker areas of a scene
  • A blue light filter makes the display less straining to the eyes
  • Caters to both casual and competitive gamers


  • Expensive, but it's the cheapest of the premium monitors

6. LG UltraGear QHD 27 Inch Gaming Monitor 27GL83A-B

LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor

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Among the gaming monitor models you can get, the LG UltraGear QHD 27-inch monitor can cater to casual and competitive players and creatives. The visuals are vivid and crystal clear, with excellent color accuracy, low input lag, and a good refresh rate of 144Hz.

You won't even worry about display issues much with this model. It would be a solid contender for the best monitor if only it had a USB-C connection port or HDMI compatibility.


  • Has an okay and competitive price tag
  • Compatible with FreeSync or G-Sync
  • Has a good refresh rate of 144Hz
  • Pinpoint color accuracy
  • Great picture quality
  • Has a very good low input lag


  • The contrast is a bit on the mediocre side
  • No USB ports

7. SAMSUNG 23.5” CF396 Curved Computer Monitor

SAMSUNG Curved Computer Monitor

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For a budget option, the SAMSUNG 23.5 CF396 curved monitor offers great display quality for its price. With a fast response time of 4ms, players can enjoy their games at their highest level with stunning image quality despite having a 60 Hz refresh rate.

Pair that with its Freesync feature, image tearing issues are a matter of the past. It only wishes for a better range of compatible USB ports and could have been a contender for one of the best budget gaming monitors around.


  • Affordable, one of the best gaming monitor models for a budget option
  • The color and picture quality of the display is remarkable
  • Fast response time of 4ms that facilitates quick player response as they play games
  • Compatible with a mini-joystick controller
  • Has FreeSync to prevent image tearing


  • Very narrow port compatibility - one HDMI, a VGA, and a 3.5mm headphone jack
  • The refresh rate is a bit on the lower side with 60 Hz

8. AOC 27 inch Curved, Frameless and Ultra-Fast Gaming Monitor (C27G2Z)

AOC Curved Gaming Monitor

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For a budget-option monitor, the C27G2Z from AOC offers more than what the price tag says. The 3-millisecond input lag paired with a 240Hz refresh rate ensures that you'll have smooth and lag-free gameplay.

Good contrast and color quality ensures excellent visuals and can be used inside darker rooms. On top of that, it supports AMD's FreeSync Premium, and despite lacking official certification, it also has G Sync compatibility.


  • Good contrast and color gamut provides high-quality images on-screen
  • It is decently priced, a budget option for competitive players
  • Gameplay is responsive thanks to the 240Hz refresh rate
  • One of the best monitors for use in darker rooms due to its display brightness


  • There will be occasional dark smears on the screen from time to time

9. BenQ's 27 inch Gaming Monitor (GL2780)

BenQ Gaming Monitor

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The 27 inch BenQ GL2780 gaming monitor shows more capability than what the price tag says. This is another one of the budget options if you're looking for desktop displays that are made for gaming. With a robust build, it has a very nice and practical design. This budget PC monitor also sports great image quality for its price tag.

An automatic brightness feature makes the computer screen not too straining for the eyes. The refresh rate of 75Hz is good enough to prevent lagging as you play games. It's also fitted out with a decent set of connections from an HDMI port to a VGA port. The only downside is rather minor; viewing angles can be slightly awkward outside of sitting directly in front of the monitor.


  • Color gamut and performance are spot on for its price tag
  • Auto-brightness settings for a pleasant viewing experience
  • Decent refresh rate of 75Hz makes most games playable
  • Cheap in terms of gaming display standards


  • Viewing angles aren't the best
  • Image quality takes a nosedive at other viewing angles outside of being in front of the monitor

10. Z-Edge 32-inch Curved Gaming Monitor (UG32P)

Z-Edge curved gaming monitor

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The Z-Edge UG32P curved gaming monitor is last on this list. This monitor's display presents you with the most stunning and clear visuals in 1080p resolution. With a 165 or 240Hz refresh rate depending on the variant, you won't worry about lagging or experiencing screen issues. The monitor also features two HDMI ports alongside the display port.

This means you can link up multiple devices to the monitor. Design-wise, it's pretty ergonomic and is compatible with a dual monitor setup for an expanded view. This monitor will be an investment, but it's not as pricey as the premium options.


  • A high refresh rate of 165 and 240Hz on the two variants
  • Crystal-clear visuals in 1080p resolution
  • HDR technology allows color balancing; too bright or dark depending on the time of day
  • Strong contrast ratio, dark areas won't look too dark on the screen
  • Compatible with dual display setups


  • Color quality may be a little too bright, especially if sunlight hits the screen
  • A little expensive but not too premium though

Frequently Asked Questions

What defines the best monitor?

These days, the best monitor is defined by a high refresh rate. This, in tandem with a good graphics card, can ensure that you'll experience smooth gameplay. However, the monitor you'll purchase must be determined by which games you prefer to play.

A decent refresh rate is enough for most gamers, whereas the higher-end ones are better suited for competitive play.

How do color gamut and contrasts impact my purchasing of a monitor?

Let's cover the color gamut first. Color gamut influences the representation of hues and shades of colors in a video game. These hues and shades of color deliver the game's mood, making it look more natural to the eyes.

You'd want a display that presents a vivid and lively look for your gameplay. Contrast should also influence your purchase of a monitor. Some video games have scenes or areas that are slightly darker, visuals-wise.

A display with good contrast will still present an outline of objects in the dark, whereas those with weak contrast make those objects hard to see. The issues are more noticeable if you're playing in a dark room.

Should I test monitors first before purchasing them?

Of course, you must test the monitors first before purchasing. You'd want to ensure that the display you purchase is best suited to the games you are playing.

Try also to check whether the display is just bright enough for you. After all, you don't want to bring too much strain on your eyes because the screen is too bright.

Buy Yourself a New Gaming Monitor

Now that you've reached the end of this article, you could be deeply considering whether you should buy a new monitor. If the games you enjoy are now too laggy to play, it may be because you're stuck with an old monitor.

You'd need to upgrade your equipment to continue to enjoy PC gaming. Research the monitors, know your favorite games, and get a new gaming monitor.

Please visit our website at Dynamic Setups if you need help building a gaming setup! Feel free to leave a comment below about which best monitor you think is best. We want to hear from you!

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