Warranty Policy

We stand firmly behind our products. To save the hassle of reading through endless exclusions, we provide an unmatched guarantee in the market. 

Product Returns:

To ensure a streamlined return process, we kindly request that customers contact the manufacturer directly for any inquiries regarding the return of products purchased from DYNAMIC SETUPS. The manufacturer's product return policies, which are in effect on the return date, will govern the return process. However, it is important to note that our 15-day return policy is generally followed.

All manufacturer policies are subject to change without notice. DYNAMIC SETUPS is not liable for any changes made to these forms once they have been downloaded and/or printed.

Product Warranties

Product warranties are provided by the manufacturer. Dynamic Setups handles the administrator of manufacturer warranties, which may involve sending defective items back to Dynamic Setups, to a factory-authorized repair facility, or back to the manufacturer themselves. Dynamic Setups administers the individual manufacturer warranty, which may include returning defective products to Dynamic Setups , sending products to a factory-authorized repair center, or direct factory returns. Regarding returns, Dynamic Setups has to follow the guidelines set forth by our suppliers. 

The structural components and parts of the products we sell are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty ranging from 5 years to a lifetime, depending on the brand. 

If you have questions about the warranty, contact the manufacturer or us directly. Our organization chooses durable, long-lasting equipment; factory warranties apply if a malfunction occurs.

Each of our products has its own dedicated area where you can read about our guarantees. Remember that the structural warranty does not apply to the foam, fabric, or leather. Each guarantee specifies this in detail. 



Warranty Period

Gaming Chairs

2 Years

Gaming Desks

2 Years


6 Months


We will repair or replace all defective products. If we cannot repair a problem under warranty, we’ll refund your purchase price minus any costs you incurred as a result of using and enjoying the product up until the point when the problem was found.

We may offer you a partial refund as far as justified by the reduced value of the unrepaired product if you opt to keep it.


  • PVC leather/linen fabric wear and tear or deformation, including but not limited to cuts, scratches, or damage caused by accident, abuse, water, flood, fire, or other natural or external causes;
  • Damages of any kind, whether direct or indirect, resulting from the use, abuse, or inability to utilize this product, or from defects in the product;
  • Products are discovered damaged after being assembled as they were not checked upon arrival;
  • Visual flaws or minor change in appearance from the photos because of the way the materials were made or manual assembly of products; 
  • Product chromatic aberrations, such as chromatic aberrations caused by light when shooting; chromatic aberrations by inconsistent screen monitor resolution;
  • Improper assembly, use or maintenance; encounters with animals; too harsh conditions such as high heat, high humidity, salinity, or pollutant gasses;
  • Exposure to situations that increase the likelihood of moisture absorption (such as hyperhidrosis or contact with organic solvents), heat, or other factors known to accelerate material breakdown; 
  • Utilization in any context outside of the domestic, personal and non-commercial setting;
  • Damage caused to the products during self-assembly due to failure to adhere to the relevant self-assembly manual instructions provided;
  • Damage to a product that has been modified or altered without the written permission of AndaSeat;
  • Minor variations arising out of hand-made craft.
  • Warranty is non-transferable
  • Normal wear and tear over time, including dents, scratches, stains, fading, and tears
  • Natural material variations found in solid wood, butcher block, and bamboo desktops such as color, grain, knots, etc.
  • Changes in finishes or colors, including colorfastness and fading due to exposure to direct sunlight or aging
  • Damage due to improper assembly/disassembly
  • Cost reimbursement of assembly services
  • Damage caused by improper cleaning supplies or product modifications, misuse, abuse or floods, fire, hurricanes

Warranty Request

You must file your claim under the terms of the warranty(s) of our partner manufacturers and brands and follow proper return procedures. 

Please fill out the warranty form here to make a warranty request. Within 24 business hours, our customer care will respond to your email. When submitting a claim, you must include the following information:

  • Name, email, phone number, shipping address, order number, and date purchased
  • Product details, the reason for a warranty claim, and details of the issue
  • A photo or video of the defect/issue

If you send Dynamic Setups a product that doesn't meet the terms of the warranty of a partner manufacturer or brand, such as (but not limited to) a product that:

  1. is no longer within the warranty period
  2. isn't accompanied by valid proof of purchase
  3. doesn't have a defect covered by its partner manufacturer and brand warranty

You might have to be liable for an assessment fee, return shipping and handling fees, and other fees that the company thinks are fair. 

Products Upon Arrival

  • As a first step, examine the product's packaging to see if it has been compromised in any way. If so, you can refuse to accept the product and should contact the shop from whom you purchased it immediately.
  • Verify the chair's condition after removing it from its packing before putting it together. If there is any damage or evidence of wear and tear, please do not assemble the chair and instead get in touch with us as soon as possible bringing any relevant documentation (such as photos or videos) with you.

Products After Used

  • You must provide your order number to validate your warranty. Submit your claims to where you bought them for effective and proper handling.
  • You must provide clear pictures or videos of the alleged defect. If you refuse to send us the picture we need to process your claim, we may have to treat your claim as invalid or drop it.
  • Some of our replacement components are hand-finished, so their appearance may vary somewhat from the originals you purchased. The new item will be covered under warranty for the remainder of the original item's warranty period, up to a maximum of 15 days from the date of delivery.
  • If we cannot solve the problem, we’ll either replace the products or issue a full refund, less any costs you incurred from using them before we discovered the problem.
  • If we have the replacement part in your area’s warehouse and you need us to replace something that’s no longer under warranty, you’ll have to cover the cost. Shipping, packaging, customs fees, and other similar expenses are examples.

Replacement Parts

Dynamics Setups is a trusted supplier of name-brand computer components and home furnishings. On the other hand, we exclusively sell brand-new, complete items. Replacement components can be purchased straight from the maker of the product. 

Warranty Legal Disclaimer

As always, we appreciate your interest in Dynamic Setups’ products. This warranty is valid only for items purchased in physical form from the Dynamic Setups website. What’s more, the warranty extension to another person other than the original purchaser depends on the manufacturer or brand of the product purchased. 

To ensure that the hardware used in the setting is of the highest quality, Dynamic Setups has partnered with trusted manufacturers and brands to provide a warranty to the original purchaser. The kind of guarantee offered by our co-manufacturer and brand. This is not subject to any regulation by Dynamic Setups.

Seller reserves the right to modify or eliminate such policies at any time. Seller makes no representations or warranties of any kind concerning the products, while seller’s rules may allow the buyer to return products claimed to be defective under certain conditions. 

The warranty length that comes with the purchase starts when it is delivered to the customer. Still, Dynamic Setups is different from its partner manufacturers and brands regarding legal issues outside of their work and business.

Services offered hereunder are provided “as is” or “as available,” with all defects, and you acknowledge and accept this. Unless otherwise specified in this agreement or the manufacturer’s warranty for the equipment, Dynamic Setups assumes no responsibility for any damages resulting from the use of the equipment. However, this is only the case if the equipment has a warranty.

In no event shall Dynamic Setups and their partner manufacturers and brands be accountable for:

  1. any incidental, special, punitive, indirect, or consequential damages arising under contract, tort, negligence, or strict liability
  2. lost revenues
  3. Information loss
  4. damage to data out of use, partial use, or inability to use the product/s
  5. reliance on or performance of the service, or 
  6. any allegations made by a third party against you

Dynamic Setups (and its employees) and its partner manufacturers/brands expressly disclaim any and all implied or expressed warranties and conditions for the service, including but not limited to the implied warranties of fitness and merchantability for a particular purpose, non-interference, non-infringement, title, accuracy, compatibility of computer systems and software programs, and integration.

Others result from the need for regulation or the rules of corporate practice. There is no guarantee that following any recommendation or piece of advice supplied by Dynamic Setups or its staff will result in any kind of guarantee. No assurance is given that any skillful attempt will be made or that any negligence will be avoided.